oh gawd... whats the time? hmm 11 am.. in bed still..... Gaw...
am resting... heavy week...waiting for the more pressured week... he .. he ..he....:)

Just to keep you occupied for the weekend here is a puzzle....

A man lives in the penthouse of an apartment building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby and leaves the building. Upon his return, however, he can only travel halfway up in the lift and has to walk the rest of the way - unless it's raining. What is the explanation for this?

My To-Do List for today … prepared yesterday

6:30 am: Wake up...Wash clothes… Gotta help myself…

7.30 am: Bathe and have breakfast and start to office by 8.30 am

9.00 am: Start the day by looking at official mails…if anything not so serious reply for them.

10.00 am: Play Age of Empires II. – This is my Energy Stimulant

11.00 am – 11:15 am: Tea Break.. You cannot work... Err…sit b4 kam-pu-ter for long.. Eyesight problem.. nowadays am trying to be a bit health conscious

11.15 am – 12.00 noon: Be online in AOL..

12.00 noon: Call up boss ... Anyway he will respond to me by mails…haven’t I told you that I speak 12 languages and English is the bestest…

1.00 pm: Lunch Break... After heavy work … food is essential…

2.00 noon Check the blog... read other blogs …write a post... check the personal mails

4.00 Talk to my man on phone, probably about what he had in the morning... did he have his lunch or not and chk. His availability for evening… and plan for dinner.

4.30 pm … Personality Building.. ( hmm… maane washing de face.. reloading the freshness )

5.00 pm :Coffee with a light Snack

5.15 pm :Chk. Office mails an reply back

5.15 pm :Re-Check my Blog once again

5.30 pm: Ignore work-related e-mails and phone messages.

6.00 pm: Chat with other colleagues who is to start their shift … Update myself with office gossip

6:15 pm: Leave office and prepare to take credit for all the good work done by others

I await my appraisal this month.. I wonder what will be the hike... After all my company knows how to reward a Hard Working person like me…

Why I wasnt given a leave? I haven't got a clue

Dear Sir,
Looking out my window, I see that the sun is falling more this summer more than the normal. If am right this is moving in an angrily horizontal way. As I travel down to office even am able to see lots of mirages. All India Radio and the Podhigai Weather report say that for the next few days we will be having a heat wave. I understand from them that the average weather would be some where near 106 F. i.e., 39-40 deg. Celsius. Although I don't believe the whole lot of stock in their meteorological expertise, this I could not let go off my head.
Every school is closed and every news station is telling me to absolutely stay off the roads as there are lots of news which states that people are dying due to Sun Stroke. While plugging the Today Show’s in one of the Sun Network channel, they are to air a segment on “Fun Things to do on a Sunny Day!” because obviously, they say, no non-essential personnel should be at work today. Then they laugh superciliously at the thought of any employment establishments that would be foolish enough to disagree.With all due respect, Sirs: whatever. I'm calling a Sunny Day. You cannot convince me that I am essential personnel. If you consider me essential personnel, then I think we should be discussing an entirely different pay bracket. Also, I'm willing to bet you will not pay for my damage when some idiot hits my shiny, shiny new car If you have any questions regarding my decision, you are more than welcome to come over for Cakes, Ice Creams and Fresh Juices as and when you feel like having.

With Regards,
Honey Bee…

On the look out

There a quite a few days that you feel like having someone for you.. It so happened that while I was sitting in my room, another hosteler passed by my room.. I knew that she is doing her B.E. What troubled me was she was speaking on her mobile to her boy friend..

She turned and smiled at me.. Ah! it was more like mocking at me... The look in her eyes .. was asking me, Dont you have a boy friend? Gawd.. girls much younger to me have guys... I decided to have one.. but I wanted to know for what all reasons I need a guy

1.However pressured job he is in, he should be ready to walk hand -in-hand with me..
2.Even if I forget his B'days he should be the 1st to wish me
3. On and Off he should surprise me with Gifts.. Invariably even if his bank balances are fast decreasing
4. He should be available at all times .. to pick me up and drop me back when I go to shopping..
5. Who doesn't like to show off her guys .. The girls all around the world do.. So does our famed Bipasha or Kareena.. SO the guy of my choice should be ready to accompany me to my friends place .. but never once should insist me in accompanying him to his friends places...
6. HE should be ready to buy & wear the dress of my choices only. Its quite obvious that he should gift me a dress every time he has one for him.
7. After he starts seeing me.. he should never eye other girls...and shouldn't mind if I happen to occasionally appreciate other guys who look smart than him...
8. He should treat me like his queen even if I happen to treat him sometimes a little lesser than a driver...

Have you got any other reasons which I could include on why I need a Guy? It could be a blessing

I seriously dunno whether my dad reads this blog or not...

On my way Back...

I was driving back from my home back to work city. Just then I saw this Bumper sticker which read Alcohol and calculus don't mix. Never drink and d(e)rive. Enjoying the fun it carried, I wanted to ask him whether he knew Kids in the backseat cause accidents.... accidents in the backseat cause kids! We were taking turns in driving and this time I was the back seat driver. I was going up and down every 10 minutes. I know I cant’ complain... it’s the messy road… I was actually giving her help and support and giving her lessons on Safe Driving.

I really dunno what annoyed her, she said... Dear, do you remember my name?

Me: Yeah... Why all of a sudden you ask this?

Friend: You might be screaming it later… that’s why?

That’s it, I stopped my lessons… Kiddish of her to threaten me like that…I didn’t have any other thing to do so was peeping outside. Roads are being expanded…The bye-pass is getting expanded to 100ft. You know big big roads… The farm lands, some many homes…are evacuated along with trees…the trunk of those trees sizing up to the size of my room... That’s it... We need betterment. Our life depends only on the expansion of those roads.

I know, any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. So, if changes are for better, does all changes results good?

Please take a close look at the pic and tell…Whether we need expended roads? Where will these people dwell? Is the compensation given to them sufficient? What about the farm lands?

There might come a day, wherein we will have to show our generation how trees look like….

My Kampooter.. My cher...I sit

Forall those patrons, I thought why not show the cabin from which I strain my so called brains and write ….Did I ever say that this is my work place as well…? Don’t ask me how good I work or whether I really work or not? Its my boss’s problem…

He always sends me a mail .. He says mail is the best form of communication. He is such a good man that I want to speak to him. I speak twelve languages. English is the bestest. Nowadays, I have stopped getting mails from him.. Maybe he has forgotten that I am all Alive …

He has actually given me all the allowances at office you know.. to make calls, to roam around the office… to have visitors.. Lemme introduce the precious things in my table… there you see my computer with its printer… Haan then comes my bag…That’s the bag that I carry on and off to office. It isn’t a new one… This one was bought 6 months ago at WITCO (the one at Anna Salai, Chennai) for my lil sis…Its now worn out for her.. And here I pick up all that is garbage for her…

It has all the important things A purse with no Gandhi and 2 credit cards … only b’cos of this does my lil sis speaks to me….and … NoNoNo No LIPSTICKS…but it has got a comb…A pen… I have never used.. I see to that, that the pen is always there... Human beings are sentiMENTAL …

This is where am being asked to sit… And am being paid to be seated for the whole day.. Occasional movement within the office is strictly PERMITTED…J And when you don’t find me at my cabin please don’t search me in PANTRY... I will not be there all the time…only when am hungry or when I feel I have over worked and I need a break …or occasionally whenever I have a friend…

These things happen once in a while... Say 3 to 4 times in a day like that…And there you see those files. Am Working Yaar…

All I want is less to do, more time to do it, and higher pay for not getting it done.

BTW do you know what this means: Every group has couple of experts and at least one idiot.

Is it true?

This is weird but true!
While sitting at your desk make clockwise circles with your right foot. (go ahead no one will see you) While doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction.
The fact is that, every one after reading this wil try this out. Are you smiling after reading this.... You have already done the act and have smiled.. what more...

Some sweet nonsense

I was goin thru Nina's joke blog and found this one interesting pls. read
I have added my own comment as he thinks

Remember the college day's kadalai???

He calls She

She: Hello!

He: What the doing?

She: Ippo dhaan saaptu mudichen. Sir enna pannitu irukaaru?

He: Ippo dhaan 'Suttum vizhi sudare' paatu paathen Sun Music la

She: Nalla paatu.

(And then she hums the line 'mazhai azhagha veyil azhagha')

He: hey!!!!Nee ivlo nalla paaduviya

(He thinks: Asthiram Onnu)

She: *giggles*

He: Hey. Innoru vaati paadaen

(He thinks: Eppavchum paadurathukku muyarchi pannu.. lawyer law point argue panra maadhiriye irukku)

She: En room mates ellam thoongita. Ava bayandhuduva

He: Come on! Please!

(He thinks: Adiyai naan mattum enna vidhi vilakka? enakku match paakkanum adhukku thoongama irukkanum.. nee konjam paadi bayamudithna paravailai)

She: Poada. I don't sing that well

He: It was really sweet. Please paaden

She: Enakku odd aa irukku da

He: Idhula ennama irukku. Nalla paadare.

(He thinks: ammadi ennalaiye en poiya jeeranikka mudiyalaiye)

She: Nee dhaan sollanum

He: Ippo paaduviya maatiya?

(He thinks:please vittuden.. paadidatha)

She: yaenda paduththare

He: Sigh! Ok

(He thinks: Yaaru naana)

She: I don't have that great voice

He: hmmmm

(He thinks: Theiirja sari)

She: Seri. Ivlo kaekkare. Unakaaga ore oru stanza paadaren

He: Great!!!!

(He thinks: ayyoda)

She: Endha paatu paadatum?

He: Hmmmm. 'un perai sonnale' from dum dum dum?

She: Nice song. But enakku lyrics gnabagam illai

He: Chinna chinna aasai?

She: Illai indha paate paadaren

He: Cool

(She clears her throat, hums a line and then)

(He thinks: edhukku onnum kuraichal illai)

She: Illai vendaam. Am feeling very shy!

He: Paadu she paadu. Un isai endra inba vellathil neendha odoadi vandha

ennai yemtradhe she. Paadu

She: Galatta panre paathiya

He: No no. Nee shy aa feel panre illaiya. Trying to make u cool

She: Hmmm

She: naaLaikku paadatumaaa?

He: Seri maa. Unakku eppadi thonaradho appadiye pannu

She: Hmmm

He: Good night

(He thinks: Ennakku bill yaerittey irukku .. dhayavusaidhu vachiru)

She: Good night

After a while She calls He

She: Thoongitya

He: Illai ma. Match paathundu irundhen

(He thinks: Idhellam oru question)

She: Seri. Nee match paaru

He: Hey. Its ok. Pazhaya match dhaan.

(He thinks: Vera vazhi .. )

She: Illai. Did u feel bad I didn't sing?

(Since it is a tricky question, He thinks for a while)

He: Bad appadinu solla maaten. But I want you to be comfortable first.

naaLaikku paadaren sonne illa. So me waiting

(He thinks: Adiyai idhellam onakku konjam overa padala)

She sings 1 stanza from the song

He: Wow. Too good!

(He thinks: Ennaiya vechu comedy keemady pannalaiye?)

She: Poarum. I know how kevalam my voice is

He: Hey you really sing well.

She: Poada...Nee sollanume appadinu solre

He: Cha! Cha! Un voice nalla illaati naan ivlo kaekkave maaten

He: Nee ivLo nalla paaduve enakku theriyaadhu

(He thinks: Onnaya pathi onakku ivvalavu therinjum.. ennaiya paduthalama?)

She: Hmmm! Seri good night

He: Good night!

(He thinks: Escaaaaaaaape)

She: Take care

He: You too

She: Nejamaave en voice nalla irundadhaa

He: Nejamma! Ofcourse.

(He thinks: Mudiayalai .....Somebody please save me................)

She: Nee poi solre

He: Not at all. You sing very well

(He thinks: Nee azhaga irukkannu sonnadha vida idhu paravaillai)

She: Hmmm. Ennamo solre. Good night.

He: Good Night!!

So after successfully wishing she 'good night' for the umpteenth time,

our He hangs up the phone

My K-miss-tree knowledge

It was a real miracle that I was offered 1st group ( MPCC) at my school for whatever marks I scored in my 1oth std. If my memory stands right, I think it was after the Quarterly Exams, we had a Special Class for K-miss-tree. One Name I will never forget is that of my teacher's name: Mrs. Jayashree...She always had such a gooood(!?!?!) remark on me .. this one incident turned out to be a crown on the silver head :)

The mistake was not mine.. On a Sunday, she asks 2 classes to come and get seated in a single class room.. I was sweating like hell.. I was totally unable to sleep.. once again mates, what will I do if her voice sounds lullaby to me? Any normal being will be tempered if his sleep gets disturbed...She was writing all sorts of K-Me-kal formulae on the board.. not even a single line did I understand then...Dont ask me if I would understand now... Am trying to be active.. dont make me a sleepy goose..

One of my very gud friend, threw a chalk.. I swear I did'nt do that.. No giggles ok..., it landed exactly on her head bun..........she turned and to my bad luck... I giggled... she thought it was me.. she asked to to get awy.. I said Mam, I did'nt do.. she had no ears to listen.
On the top of her voice she cried, I wanted to see u out of my class now..
Me: Ok mam sure.. You turn and start your classess mam. i wil make a move...
she started writing.. It was then the bad one in me took over...I threw a chalk on her.. it landed onthe same place as early.. when she turned once again.

I said: I didn't wanna go for no mistake of mine. Now have done the mistake..with all due respect I will walk out and stand...( that time I never knew what was in store for me)

Needless to say, from then on, I was always the outstanding person for the K-miss-tree class..:(

...without a title

There are certain movies that keeps us glued. One such movie for me is Gladiator...There some moments in that movie that inspires this .... and relish those moments if Gladiator is your Fav

On my way Back

During every trip each one of us will encounter different situations. During my trip back to my work place I had a different encounter much to the agony of my friend who came with me.

Its as simple as this.. I have a nature to speak to animals…(?!?!) C’mon No giggles… Am quite serious… This habit of mine took over while driving back from Chennai…

A Lorry loaded with cattle was going before us… In the scorching sun, without having an inch of space to move and without water they were forced to travel … No wonder to a slaughter house…Still I want them to forget that and so I was just looking at those cow for them to start the conversation. To my good luck and to my friends agony… the talks got initiated very soon.. With great joy I cried Maa… (Poor thing she got an attack hearing me… She wanted to join me .. how could I help it yaar? After all its her fault to not know that I speak to animals…L)

Before I could tell you on what we shared please have a close look at them….

Please be reminded all this is living being will be killed in a day or two…

Gods Way of doing things...

God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining his subordinates ......

"Look everything should be in balance. For example,

after every 10 deers there should be a lion.

Look here my fellow angels, here is the country of the United States I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time
I have given them insecurity and tension....

And here is Africa. I have given them beautiful nature. But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes....

And here is South America. I have given them lots of forests. But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would have to cut off the forests...

So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.

One of the angels asked... "God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?"

God said....... "Ahah...that is the crown piece of all. "INDIA", my most precious creation.

It has understanding and friendly people. Sparkling streams, serene mountains. A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live. Technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold.....

The angel was quite surprised "But god you said everything should be in balance."

God replied - "Look at the neighbours, I gave them."

Trip to City Centre

Inox… What to say? Between 11 – 11.30, we went to the Ticket counter.. somehow managed to get tickets for the movie 300. Inside we were at total relief. I had my own questions..

Cost of One ticket is Rs.120/- … My my my.. I could have filled 2 litres of Petrol in my car…Well every luxury(!) has its own price.. I dont deny ...the feel was good, the ambiance, ,the pleasure everything was good.. but Did I ask for all this.. ? :(

My troubles started after intermission.. the devil said she would go out and get something to munch.. trying to be cautious I said.. No worry.. I aint hungry..

Devil: So what, normally we don’t eat just b’cos we are hungry.. Do we?

The one near me started watching…

Me: Ok..get something lite…

Devil: Fine. I will get something from combos they have offered..

I never knew the meaning of it until I saw the bill….I already started counting the remaining cash with me…

After intermission not even a single scene entered my head… Once the movie was over… I wanted to to get out of the place ASAP.. Man proposes God Disposes…

Devil: Honey, how about little window shopping?

ME: Shopping ? Oh No.. No way..

Devil: Lets not make a purchase .. we will just see what new fashions have come…

Me(Reluctantly) : No Purchase .. Am serious No PURCHASE… the deal was finalized and we went to the furnitures floor.. from there we alighted to the floor below… all the promises she gave me was broken….She had my purse.. my Credit Card.. and all….

Now you would have understood why that pic is there? That was ho wI returned home that day...

PS Note: Never Park your Car in the City Centre Cark Park. Rather take an auto and go. It doesn’t make much of a difference.

At Home

The day was growing darker and I reached home. Was pretty tired after a long drive....went and had a cool bath. Had wanted to fill my stomach with all the goody good my mom made but the coke and lays filled my tummy more than ever...

NExt day, Saturday myself and my little devil at home...C'mon yaar its none other than my sis...we started for our Angels Day out...we had so many things to be done outside home.. but the heat was one thing that was threatening us..Who said its Global Warming Its Global Burning!

The scorching sun was so-much-so that we wanted to hide somewhere ....our first stop was Satyam Cinemas...How can 2 devils think of same thing so, our difference started there. I wanted to see The Pursuit of Happyness..for her it was Unnale Unnale..(Monday morning she wanted to boast off to her friends that she has seen the latest)So we tossed a one rupee coin..1st time it was my choice she wasnt ready for the result so we tossed the 2nd time.. it was still mine... so the last and the final throw decides .. we tossed and i never got it in my hand it flew somewhere i was in my knees searching the coin
Then we decided which ever we get we will ot for that. Devils Agreement. To our luck there was no queue... I smelt something..went to the ticket counter and enquired for both..the man smile sardonically.. oh for that you tossed.. said..All Shows all movies FULL ;(

For My Lil Devil its just a minor setbacks there's something good waiting for her..There she cried Come Baby we will drive to INOX....Oops I checked my wallet.. I knew how they rip us out at City Centre starting from Car Park....

No darling we'll go home for lunch... I didnt wanna say that I didnt wanna spend..after all am the only one with whom she goes out and wait till I come home to go to any movie she wants to ...clever as ever she said No No.. its alright am not hungry and there's anyway Sangeetha's at City center we can lunch or have a Pizza...

INOX story to follow...

Something to keep us occupied

In one of my fav. blogs I happened to answer a lateral thinking puzzle...I just got initiated an started reading about it.. SO here is your Puzzle:

There are six eggs in a basket; six people take one egg each...Still one egg remains in the basket.How ?

For answers wait till tomorrow

Just Bzee

After an enjoyable weekend.. Monday Kills...Interesting Posts are on the way
Keep your fingers crossed.. things would be updated by this evening...

Weekend Dhamaka

Its Home Coming for me.. Thank the calendar for making the Tamil New Year fall on a weekend.. I would have been more happy had it been on Friday or Monday.. Chalega..So guys hopefully I would have some post on Sunday.. But pls..understand that am going home and all the delicacies are waiting for me.. Gotta Eat fill my tummy grow big and wait for the next trip home...

Wish all the Readers A Happy Tamizh New Year

Raju Srivastav

I just happened to browse thru Youtube and found the RajuSrivastav prank on Laloo too good and wanted you all to enjoy this

Under Observation

Normally I don't start a conversation, I wait for the other one to do so... but you know after starting this blog I have become so weird.. the first lesson of blogging I got is ...I gotta observe what is happening around...

As you all know I live in a hostel ... I started roaming around ...Dont mistake me I usually dont eavesdrop but I need to get something to write..I was standing and hearing what the other girls are upto...I was posing as if am looking outside thru the window that was there.

Girls who came by was nearly staring me ... I just had to give a different smile because i dint want them to think that am snooping around

There came my room mate ( lets call her RM)...She gave a sardonic smile.. (Shucks i should have gone to my room for that.) Buddy I was bold enough and stared at her.

I said, what man, why are you looking at me like that? Am I looking so good today...( Ha ha ha...I had a point to irritate her)

RM said No No My dear its not that... I know you have started blogging and your eyes and ears are open to any new thing you could brag about...But I never knew, that your nose has stopped working...

Then I realised where i was standing....

So my lesson 2 is Keep your Eyes , Ears and Nose open....

My mom and my blog

After creating this blog I called up my Mom and Dad to tell them about my New Venture.. Poor mom... she hasn't understood all this fundas .. she thinks blog is something which is blocking me from moving higher and am fighting against it...

Yesterday, after hearing from me she had gone to temple and made a special pooja for it is I have given her the site name she has patiently written that in a piece of paper rolled it with Kumkum and has kept it in the gods foot and dropped it in the Hundi.. What do i say to her ...How do i explain what am trying to do?

God save my dad!

What I intend to Share

I have always wanted to write share my views... comment on things sometimes Satirical, comical or just fun intended...The funniest part is, I am still undecided what to write?

One thing am worried is ....Once this kicks off...Gawd.. How will i ever manage the fans am to get?

It's getting incredibly harder for me to write. It seems that the part of my brain responsible for creating and putting it things in word form has got perished once and for all! The part of my brain is very malnourished… You should understand mates that my family is down at Chennai and I live at a Hostel… coming back, am now afraid whether I have lost that impulse to write!

At this juncture there are pretty good questions that my Brian…( Do I have ?! or Don’t I?!?) keeps asking me… What are you gonna write? Is it something meaningful? Is it something which means Nothing to the rest? Is it Nothing which means something to all?!... Uh… Am becoming crazy now….

God!!! Gimme a solution pleeez…

Ok comrades!.. Enough of my bragging… Watch out for this blog and you will have the best of your times in Internet...