Is a title so essential?

What if I were a Man?I was lead to this question because, my mom always says that I would have been better had I been a boy! That was when I used to climb coconut trees! She keeps on saying this till date!

I have decided to speak up! Am certainly piqued! But one thing! My mom has made me think! What would be the consequences if I had been born as a boy!

Age 4-6

I would have been dressed like a girl and would be photographed…

I would definitely be the cynosure of all eyes!

Age 6- 10

Whatever mischief am up to, I would have been forgiven…and would be the most adorable kid

I would have missed all those colorful dress girls wear

All I would have had is Shorts and a small T!

Age 10-15

I can have a fight with my younger sister, even if she is right, I could still have the last laugh!

I would be advised or forcibly kept away from girls with whom I had played till then!

I would have preferred playing football than cricket!

I would have never been able to understand the periodicals the girls get!

My sis would have started to hate me!

Age 15- 21

I would be wearing trousers!

I would be gifted a Cycle or bike by my dad and my sister would be empty handed!

I would have attempted “thiruttu dum” (first smoke) and would have attempted to take a sip of hard liquor…

I would have enjoyed traveling in foot boards in bus!

I would be looking at every other girl and could even be fantasizing about a girl, who asked me to leave way for her to move that she came and dashed on me!

Any normal act of mine could be seen as a daring act by the girl who is seeing me!

If my friends come to know that someone is seeing me or if am seeing someone, I would be treated as their hero!

I would have gone with a rose to propose her on the farewell day! But would return home for lack of courage….

I would definitely have one girl to be dropped at her residence... she could either be a friend or my girl else one another infatuation…

Age 22 – 26

I will never be able to wear pink and blue!

The initial years at this stage, I would be covering my ass from all the mistakes I had done till then…

I would have started seeing a girl seriously! I would have made her to propose to me...I would have attempted proposing but always be tounge tied for fear of getting a NO...

By the Age of 26 I would have made a career and would be advancing in that!

Age 26-30

If I have a girl, then I would marry her…

If not, as by the Indian tradition I will have the first say on whether I like the Girl or Not…

After marriage, I will not lose any of my custom, my family, friends and neighbors and will stay in the place where I am comfortable and will never have to think that the girl would be missing everything for my sake!

Every year I will make it a point to meet all my old friends and we will have a get together… As simple as it is .. No GTG will go well without a smoke and beer!

Age 31- 35

I would never be preggy!

I would be brooding the thought that there is no International day celebrated for Men!

I will be blessed with too much of patience to wait for my wife while she is shopping for her….

I will be treated like a Maharajah at my in-laws place!

I can make any amount of fun at them, but will be bad tempered if my wife takes her turn!

Age 36-Age 40

I would be growing more romantic making my wife clueless!

My official pressures would make me an arrogant man. She will start to dis like me.

Even if my wife is working, it will be she who has to go to Parent’s Day function where my kids study.

My absence or my procrastination will never be questioned!

My children will tend to love me more than their mother, for them, it is she who is making their life miserable!

Age 40 – 55

I might go bald! I would starting wearing glasses!

I will try to look younger than what I am!

I would be head fast in my career!

I would still have contacts with all my college friends...

Age 56 – 65

I would realize all the mistakes I have done and would belatedly apologies to my wife!

I would retire!

I would be having a walking stick!

At this age, may be, I would have a pot belly!

If I still try to maintain an athletic body, I would be admired by my daughter’s friend as being handsome even at that age!

My son would treat me as his friend! He would consider me as his mentor and my wife as his inertia to achieve!

From Age 60 – the Last breath:I would be adored as the most wonderful Husband an adorable father and the most affectionate brother and at last I would be the best grandfather!

Hard Work and What more to say?

Today has been a total shit for me! I have work! As usual, I tried to allocate them... this time I was caught! When I got up from bed I thought that today is Friday. Whenever I walk into Office even on a Monday, I always want someone to say T.G.I.F (Thank God! It’s Friday) – I know I would be leaving for my Home.

I have loads of report to be sent. I don’t even feel like working today. More to it I just now had a big lunch. Feeling sleepy! I hate Thursdays! There are many who agree with me. For me, Thursdays could better be called as Torture Thursdays.

I want to submit my resignation letter. Am seriously considering this thought! If what I have heard about Google is true, then I would like to work only in an org. where they have toffees and coffees all around. Free Snacks and high cushioned couch!

What office could this be if they are not going to let their staff have a little nap, whenever they want to? I hardly fight with my eyelids whenever they want to close!

My Thursday fever has risen to such levels that I have finished typing and printing my RL. I wanted to settle the dust between me and my boss. I walked into his room….I really didn’t know how he would take this severe blow from me!

ME: Boss, I have something to discuss with you

Boss: Please sit down and Lemme know

ME: You could be upset b’cos of my decision. I am resigning.

Boss: What? Are you serious? You aren’t joking isn’t it?

ME: YES. Sorry to say you cannot convince me to stay.

Boss: Oh! God! You have saved so much of my time! I was just thinking how to put it across?

I shrugged and started to leave...

Boss: Bee, what are you planning to do next?

Me: Huh- am going to be on my own. Have not decided on anything...

Boss: Here, meet this person, he is running a successful business. I will speak to him. You can join his office and get yourself trained.

Me: Thank you for referring me to your Friend!

Boss: Good Heavens! How could you ever think that I would see my friend go flat? That man is my Ex-Boss!

I couldn’t sit (why should it always be stand?) him anymore.. I wanted to barge out, so with a full stretched arm I opened the door..

BANG I hit my hand! Ah!!! Something fell down. That was my Printer! I was sitting in my chair…Gosh! Was that a dream?

Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you're finished. - Leslie Neilson

Queen of Alexandria!

At this point of the day, am reading a book on Cleopatra! It’s not a prose but poetry! Written in one of India’s regional language Tamil and written not by yours truly Honey Bee but by Pa.Vijay.

I thoroughly enjoy his political insights and his usage of words… Read below the English form of the same translated by this humble bee! Though I haven’t got the writer’s approval, here I am reproducing the same:

It’s not the encounter between Caesar and Patra…it’s between Mark Antony and Patra! Their Love! They have a sword fight and as it grows this is what happens:

One on one

They hit each other

Got up

Got down

Ran up

Ran down


Measured the floor

Let the sword drop

With open

Spread hands

Tears gleaming

body getting hot

Slowing down

Breathing heavily

Their dress got crushed

So were their bodies


Something grew

There was no

Sound of war

Sound of kiss

Grew more

Desires woke up

Leaving no air

Between them

As they held hands

Their temperature shot up...

The shyness cooled down

The urge to enter

Was high more than ever

For them

At that moment

They knew not who they were

Or where they are

There were no qualms


The sword game

Became the bed game!

What to Name this?

Even now I have difficulties in understanding Physics. Let me make it clear with you am not attending the Skool for the Old at Night. Talking about Physics gives me fond memories of my school days.

Only during Physics and Social Science period I did meditation. Some call this process as Sleeping! But for these 2 I was an outstanding student in all other subjects. I was always wanted by the next class teacher.

When I was in 3rd or 4th STD, I don’t remember exactly, my English Miss Mrs. Wilma Almeida gave us lessons on Tense. But at the end of the class she was more tensed than ever. After teaching us we were asked to write the examples in our notebook. I had a forlorn look and was looking at her. She was very amused to see me like this.

That’s my class 4 photo! Mrs. Almeida, is in white chudidhar.

Mrs. Almeida: Bee, What’s wrong with you? Take your pencil and write.
Me: I ain’t got one.
Mrs. Almeida: Don’t say I ain’t. Listen: I don’t have a pencil; You don’t have a pencil; They don’t have a pencil. Are you clear?
Me: Gee, where did all these pencils go?

I was very serious. My classmates started laughing at me! She looked at me squarely, turned to the black board & started teaching. Mind you, I respect my teachers. I was standing. My papa has advised me not to laugh at others. That’s why even when they were laughing I was silent.

Still the laughter continued. I didn’t even grin.

Mrs. Almeida: Order Children, Order.
Me: A cake and an Ice-cream. That’s ok with me miss.
Mrs. Almeida: Come Again!
Me: Oh! Thank you Miss.

I never knew that I could impress her so much. See, she allowed me to start home early and has also asked me to come the next day without fail! NExt day, I was sitting in my class, the other section class teacher Miss. …. (Sorry poor memory!) She wanted me in her class!

Newton's Law of Motion Proved....!

How far have you excelled in skool.. I dunno.. But how much i struggled to make up with Physics only I know... not to forget Dr. Rajagopal, my Physics Teacher in my Higher secondary... I was made to learn the Newtons Law only in my 11th std. No. No.No. it was actually taught in 6th or 7th am not sure. Its that I dint have time to learn.. I was Bezeee man...!

Well, if I have to say about my Hr. Sec yrs in Physics I will have to ensure that my Teacher doesn't read this! You see I don't like to boast off that I was the brightest star! Actually I stood first. To be more precise, it was from the reverse. He had a robust job in his hand. That is waking me without others noticing.

Now after a loooooong time, I was made to remember the 3rd Law of Motion. For you remembrance, the law states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As simple as it could be. One incident that happened yesterday made me think like a Physicist.

By now you all know that am a goody goody! Yesterday being a Sunday, I along with 2 of my hostel mates decided to go to a temple which is quite far from my hostel. Since we didn't want to return when the sun is at its peak we started early. We went in our bike. We were all dressed to our best. Like us some 3 guys had been at the Temple. After the darshan, when we went around the temple, these guys were like behind us. One of my accomplice, Chackoo ( thats how we call her) got her nerves and if they don't have senses. She didn't ask him But was showing the anger to us. Sheeshu the 3rd one joined her. Being the eldest one I pulled them and we started back.

On our way back we stopped in a Fruit Juice Shop. That was our mistake. While we started from there, to our bad luck, those 2 guys came in their respective bikes. Chackoo was the one who was sitting in my pillion. The guy said Hi! She could have shut her mouth and come! If you think she shouted at them, Am sorry. The tragedy is just for the fun sake she said Bye. WE started from there. Hardly 5 kms we would have traveled, we noticed those 2 guys following us! This is where the 3rd law of Motion comes in to effect!

Action: The Bye said by Chackoo
Equal and Opposite reaction: They following us.

I asked Sheeshu to notice the bike registration no. So that in future if we have a problem because of them, I thought at least we could report! Phew! They had a For Regn. Bike!!!!

Some how we managed to fool them and reached Hostel at around 11.00 am. We should actually been there at 10 a.m.

If you never want to see a man again, say, 'I love you, I want to marry you. I want to have children...' - they leave skid marks. - Rita Rudner

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Is it true?!?

Shucks.. One another forward Post
Do you want to know the true story of an origin of "Valentines Day"? Get the real scoop below.

Not-withstanding, what nonsense you've been told by the media, the truth is that the Valentine Day was originated in India, and to top it, in Gujarat - a state of Mahatma Gandhi who preached love, peace and non-violence.
Read further for the facts those have been hidden from the pages of history so far. Here it is:
Well, it is well known what the people in Gujarat are like, especially the Patel men folk. It is a known fact that they (Patels) don't treat the opposite sex (their Patalanis) with respect; some of the firebrand members of the opposite sex (wives) thought they deserved better.
One fine day, one brave Patalani (Patel lady - her name is unfortunately lost in oblivion), had enough of”Atyachar"(Torture) perpetrated on her, by her husband, and then she finally chose to rebel by beating up her husband with a Velan...Yeah, the same Velan with which she made chapattis for him everyday; only this time, instead of the dough, it was the husband who was flattened like a chapatti, albeit an oblong one. This was a momentous occasion for all the Gujarati women and a revolt soon spread, like a wild fire, with several housewives beating up their, bad as well as good, husbands with Velan; and there was an outburst of moaning chapattis all over Anand and Ahmedabad.
The Patel men folk learnt their lesson and behaved a bit better with their Patalani partners. However, there was no putting down the burgeoning feminist spirit of the times, and the beatings continued incessantly. Eventually the Patel Men-folk started improving and the frequency of the beating was reduced to once a month -usually towards the middle of the month, so that they would remain "disciplined".
Further improvement in the Patel men-folk reduced the need to more of an annual ritual, to ensure that the Patlanis can demonstrate the "Credible Threat"; least the men-folk forget and get back to their olden ways. And so each year that day (Middle of February, i.e. ., 14th) the womenfolk, if only gingerly and lovingly, as a token gesture, beat up their husbands to commemorate that eventful day, which had contributed substantially to better their lot.
The men folk also submitted to this, in good humor, since they didn't really get beaten up other days of the year. The entire ritual soon became a caring and loving affair, with wives having the satisfaction of beating up their husbands, their husbands cringing in mock fear and pain, and the guys having the supreme joy of submitting to the whims of the women they loved.
This custom continued for many years, even when the British occupied India. As Gujarat fell more and more under the influence of Western Culture and language, some of the more fashionable and educated women, sometimes wearing leather boots and clothes (this even created a fad for leather Velans for a short time, but it soon passed, as they could not use them to make chapattis) on that day appeared with a Velan in hand, and called out to their husbands "Velan time" before starting off.
The British noticed this, and they were quite amused and endeared by the peculiar ritual. They also saw it for what it really was, i.e. a manifestation of love, not of hate. The ritual soon spread to Britain and many other Western countries, specifically, the catch words "Velan time" Of course in their foreign mouths, it was bastardized to "Velan tine" and then to "Velantine". And from that day onwards, 14th of February, since it was indeed that day that 400 years ago an irate Gujarati Patalani housewife nearly committed manslaughter, came to be known as Valentine’s Day. The custom of hitting with Velans died a natural death as more modern (and lethal) equipment was made available to Gujju Girls with the advent of time and technology, but 14th of Feb still stands as a symbol of undying and universal love. - Reported By a Velan-wielding Patlani (Patel Lady)

Who is She?

After the incident in the lift, if you think that I would go introspecting who that girl is? Am sorry.. I am not at all inclined to find her or him...But here you are to read about a person....A person whom I don't know personally. Even her Name.

(Inside my mind: Bee, C'mon... don't prolong like this, You would lose your readership)

1.She is a Lady. :) ( if you think this is one another stupidity of mine.....please read between the lines.. err...between the letters. I feel there is hell a lot of difference to be a She and to be a Lady)

2.Should definitely be a loving and lovable Wife.

3.A Media Person

4. A Mother - Mother of 2.

5. Above all with what I have read and understood her : A Good Human Being. The person who shuns herself from violence and who rises her voice against

The blogging community and the Blogging Mom community knows her as Mad Momma. Momma of 2 beautiful kids - The Brat and the Bean.

So, what is that am trying. Technically, Ethically and sensibly speaking I don't have anything to Post today. By this am trying to tell you that am busy. Its not that I don't have anything to think about.So here is the post which I want you all to read.

If you have more time to kill then you have some more interesting forwards to be read

# Kushwanth Singh
# What happened at the Church?

On My Way to Office - II

I thought and wanted him to go straight and I was about to take a right turn. But he stopped with me at the signal.

Do you have problems in understanding what I say? In that case:

Please Read what happened yesterday when I was on my way to office

He was just a few inches away from me.... I heard my heart beat. For a second he removed his head gear and turned right. Was looking at my direction. I, from the corner of my eyes sensed his move. He had a very lively straight dark hair. The kind of texture I swear I had wanted my guy to have. I didn’t want to turn my head. This time I didn't.

What is that he is having on him? Is that Perry Ellis? In just a few sec how did I manage to note so much of him....The signal turned green. I was like going pink. Lost in thinking about him I did a bad start and almost hit the girl near me. I didn’t turn at him I went straight. Other than seeing me once and smiling I never thought he did anything silly just to attract. For sometime it looked as if its me who's making a push towards him.

Is he the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life?

Few seconds passed by. I was nearing my office complex. I had these questions running in my head. Where will he go now? He seems to be having a holiday. Not in his formal attire. Is he seeing someone? Cursing myself for all this, I turned to enter the parking lot.

Baaprey! He came along with me there too! Without blushing I got down from my bike. Whats that am seeing now? He was walking towards me. I was standing for the lift. He came and stood silently behind me. We were 3 in the lift. Myself, this guy and the girl whom I hit in the signal. I was standing in the middle. In the middle of these 2. My floor came. I walked out. Had a relaxed and cool day.

On My Way to Office

Have you ever experienced a pair of inquisitive eyes watching you and following you all the way to your office? Oh God! It happened to me this morning...Here at my work city. The weather had been really cool for the past one week. This morning it even drizzled. This is the kind of meteorological conditions I enjoy and try to be romantic.Usually on these days, I shower early go to a temple and start for work. This is how I started. Had a loose hair. Wore my sun glasses. With a streak of KumKum worn in the forehead. I was enjoying the cool early breeze....

Had I had a beau, I bet I would have bunked my office just to ride the town in his bike (Yes! one of the conditions to be my guy is you should definitely have a stylish bike!)! Thinking and cursing on my bad luck (don’t interpret on my looks now) I started cruising in my bike. There with a gentle breeze he crossed me. He was riding a Yamaha Bullet. Stylishly remodelled and elegantly driven. He was having this Head Gear. Hell with these helmets ...I just missed seeing his face. He should be somewhere between 5'9" - 6'-0". Gosh! The skin was tan! HE was in his Jeans!

Bee dear, C'mon don’t get distracted.... drive past him and go to office- This was my minds instruction. I was about to rise Gawd! I was like going behind & not wiling to go past him...What’s that is he slowing his machine? He started to drive along with me...

I sensed blood rushing to my face! No... Bee don’t turn... It isn’t good ...The moment I thought of this I remember turning my head and looking at him...OOOooops He looked at me the same instance!

What on Earth is happening to me? I could see his eyes. They were brown. What is he doing? Is he smiling at Me? I realized myself smiling...There came the signal. I thought and wanted him to go straight and I was about to take a right turn. But he stopped with me at the signal.

Oh ! No ... If this is the kind of guy am looking for.. then let me keep the suspense on what happened..Tomorrow, I promise to update this on what happened after the signal... Alas! was like... Sorry I wanted to tell you now.. let me just enjoying the feeling for now and till then ...

If you have more time to can as well read this.

Changes .. Changes..Changes

The day for this week has started...( Wah ! Wah! Wah! what an invention dear bee? Give a pat for urself !) and its been almost 3 months since I have started Blogging.. I now make a self analysis on the Pros and Cons of writing

What are the changes I think I have made
1. However stupid it could be, somehow I get to write something
2. I now read more than before. This actually makes me intelligently.(!)No Bad feelings
3. I thought I will never be able to move higher after my 1st or 2nd post. This is my 56th Post!
4. Even yours truly Honey Bee has wrapped up some good patrons to the blog.
5. The time I spend on watching you tube and playing in miniclip has comedown drastically...What more?!?

The other side of the coin...
1. Phew! I have not made any significant changes in the literary world! ( He . he hee.. too much isnt ?)
2. I was expecting to have a hit rate of atleast 15-30 per day...
3. Till now I have not made any money from adsense !?! :)

ITs Weekend Man

Got several plans to do for this weekend. As usual I have got loads of clothes to be washed, dried,folded and later on to be pressed.

Well, surpassing all this is that I am caught up with the latest fewer that has caught the entire Tamil Nadu. OK for all those of you who make guesses ...sorry i cannot give you anything.. I will buy a tub of Ice cream and treat myself on your behalf...Well this Dynç Gün is so special for me...

Oh let me not elaborate further I have got few Tickets for Sivaji and am gonna watch it !!!!!!!!! Hope to post some photos of all those gala happening in the theatre..

Bee on the move

AM MOVING.. Yes the time has come for me to move from there to here....Its the time for me to show my loyalty...It has taken such a long time for me to decide about this transition. It goes with a reason. Its because I have been with that Identity for almost 8 years now. Its gonna be different from now on... The move is not seeking greener pastures...I thought the time has come...I gotta live with the change. Request you all to wish me a happy and long stay here...I request you to stay in touch.. huh.. mean keep writing to me...

Well if you still couldnt understand what am trying to say then in simple terms I meant to say:
Am moving from Yahoo! to GMail.

Those of you who had not had the guts to jot down your comments in the comments section, those of you who had troubles in shouting at me in the public You can all now write to me at

Bye! Bye! Yahoo! and Thank You GMail...

Lkie I hvae a Porlbem...

Problems Problems Problems.. the probability of Bee getting into some kind of a problem is becoming more.. it is inversely proportional to the rate of transfer of money from her bank account and directly proportional to her becoming poor...

Well, if you dont understand a bit of what am trying to say its either because you dont know mathematical terms or its me who simply doesn't know the meaning of it. In simple terms what am trying to say is I have got a problem. When I try to find a solution the money is fast reducing from my bank account.

Well when I say problems,a m not speaking about Differential Equations or Calculus or Vectors which we ...sorry you all studied in some class....Am speaking about the problem which am facing at the moment.

Once again you are sadly mistaken. When I say am facing, I didn't mean that I was standing in front of a mirror. I normally don't look at mirrors. I just cant afford buying new ones every time it breaks.Does anyone know why the mirrors break automatically when I look at it?

Gosh! coming back to what the issue is. I will have to tell you what happened yesterday.

Me: Boo, I have a problem
Boo: Where?
Me: Eye.
Boo: I know you have a problem. But, tell me clearly. Maybe I will have time to run.
Me: I have a problem in the Eye.
Boo: Oh! I see !
Me: No. I don't see.
Boo: Oh! God! Whats the problem?
Me: I have a blurred vision. I am not able to see things clearly
Boo: Go and See a Doctor
Me: I went and saw him. Even he was looking blurred to me.

I dint know what happened after that. I saw Boo raising her hand. One hour after that I woke up in my room. Why?

What wrong did I do?

I always consider photos to be the best way to preserve the sweet/sour/hot/bitter (or whichever taste you like) memories. But in no instance have I troubled others by thrusting my album in their hands.
Reason 1. I don't like unnecessary publicity.
2. Am very good looking (in the dark) and my exact beauty doesn't reflect in the photos. My mom says Am not photogenic.

Last week my brothers friend had been here from the U.S.of A. My bro called up asking me to help his friend. He was here on a personal visit to my work city for 2 days. The amount of pics he had with him ... My ...My... in the customs they would've charged them for extra luggage. More to it, his wife came and sat near me and started explaining them. I dunno why, but I wasnt able to get along well with these guys.

Bee, this was taken at the Disney Land...Look at this, this was when we had been to Niagara. This is our Car. You know she is Mrs. XYZ.... my neighbour from Italy. She gave me a wonderful memorablia on her return from Italy.Oops! She was like taking the heat out of me. She was talking and talking and talking....Buzzzz...!!!

She:BEe, What happened you are sleeping.
ME: ME, Sleeping?...No actually I was Meditating
She: ?!? What
ME: My dad has said, whenever you are in trouble or in deep shit.. meditate. Am practising it...
She: You naughty... Joking ... Good Good Good

( Me thinking adi paavi! en kashtathai sonna unakku sirippa irukku)

More to it they made my day worse. They took my car. And thankfully let me in peace. Day 2 was the day they were leaving. So I started early to meet them at their hotel. No. Not that I liked them or missed them. My car was with them. WE went for an early breakfast. Had it not been me there, with them, I bet they would have gone for the complimentary breakfast which the hotel offers. This is what happened then:

Waiter: Can I help you Mam?
She: Kewl...( she meant to say cool) could you get me some bacons, 2 HotDogs, steaks and some Bread Toast for 2 with Peanut Butter?
Waiter: madam, please have a lok at the menu card and lemme know what you want madam. I will ready to take your orders.

He and She after going thru the Menu

She: Horrible eh?!? How do you people live in India?
Me: I was like giving her my readymade smile... :)
(Me: its just one year you have gone there ... all times huh! mudiyalai )

Bee, I need a bottle of Aquafina or Kinley. This water which you people drink doesnt suit me....

Inside my brains it was like Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! Dei Santa ( my bro) magane nee mattum ippo en kaila maatuna nalaikku unakku paaludhaandi( i mean, Santa, if only you are here before me i will kill you)....

After 2 days of smiling and artificial exclamations they left...I started my car from the airport.. Shucks ! my petrol tank is dry!

Golden Leg

Dunno how much you all like Ronaldinho. If you arent an avid football lover, just watch this display by Ronaldinho. You will fall in Love with this guy.

I enjoyed Watching him. Didn't You?

Khusi muthlab Kushwanth Singh

As Bee is bit occupied with her work.. enjoy reading her favourite from her favourite Kushwanth Singh

The Indian and Cuban labour ministers were in the midst of a meeting.
Cuban labour minister: 'Labour problems in our nation produce hundreds of types of tensions for me.'
Indian labour minister: 'That's nothing. Labour problems in our nation produce 50,000 babies every day.'

A disciple went to his Guru asking for tips to attain enlightenment. The Guru advised, 'Take a mala (rosary) and go up into the Himalayas and meditate.' The disciple went away.
Several months later, the Guru paid him a visit and asked, 'How do you like it up here in the snows?'
'Just fine,' replied the disciple.
'And what about the weather? Don't you freeze?'
'As long as I have my mala and my chillum (bowl full of tobacco), I don't care how cold it is.'
I am glad to hear it. Can I also have a chillum for myself right now,' asked the Guru, shivering with cold.
'Why not!' said the disciple. 'Mala! Would you bring us two chillumsl'

Am getting diturbed? Is that what you call love?

I contemplated suicide again - this time by inhaling next to an insurance salesman.-Woody Allen

You all know by now that I am living on my own at my Work city. Well, the monsoon has just started. And we had showers yesterday. I love playing in rain and mom allows that too.. . Every one used to tell her not to allow children to play in rain
Till one day i heard her reply I didn't know why she allowed.This is what happened then ( when I was say 12 or 13 yrs old)

Mrs. X: Think you like rain a lot
My Mom: Yes. Every one likes rain.
Mrs. X : But why should you allow your kids to play in rain? Wont they get affected.
My Mom: You are right. Had it been the younger one I would not have let her play. But its Bee, thats why I let her....
(Mrs . X was bit annoyed ... Even I was bit taken how could my mother not own me!?)
Mrs. X : Why is it so?
My mom: Well, I just want her to bathe properly.

Now as I lay back thinking of that horrible discovery my mom made about me ... I felt him. I sensed his strong urge to get into my bed. There he was, trying all his pranks. He then moved to my neck. I sensed him there. Shamelessly I waited for him to move down. I was like getting ... Oh No! how could I say that? He bit me. Near me ears i heard his hiss...I know he is driving me crazy.

As the night falls, without my permission and without being held by anyone he enters my room.. night by night...But yesterday was different. I wanted to put an end to this ... Here I was lying in darkness feeling his arrival...

Finally I went to sleep.When I woke up, he had left. I searched for him but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still shows his marks, making it harder to forget him.

Tonight I will remain awake and wait for soon he appears I will quickly grab and won't let him go, will hold him with all my strength. Not only that my dear Night Lover, I have got all those new repellents in the market...I know for sure that you will be killed ...You F$#King mosquito...

To be(e) or not to be(e) but its not about Pee!

Each of us are in one state or the other… Shucks man... Am not speaking about Tamilnadu, Andhra, Kerala…and certainly not solid, liquid and gas state..Its about the state of mind…I am in 3 succinct state of mind... Yes ... Yours truly Honey Bee has Mind.
Best State:
Honey Bee is back from her brief hiatus, which makes her happy. Do yourself a favor and watch out for more interesting reads here.
My best friend has given birth to a baby girl.
To cool of this hotty hot summer I had a Tub of Ice cream.
Worse State:
I paid for the Ice-cream
I have a load of dresses to be washed for this Sunday.
I am expecting all my readers ( phew! Do I have Any?) to click me as your favorite in Technorati!

I will be missing the movie Oceans 13.

My map loco shows readers from across the World. But I am left with No Comments. Hypothetically speaking, No one reads this blog. ( Sigh! Am I wasting my time ?!? )

Everyone around me is getting engaged, married or on their family way. Even after declaring that am Single No Developments. It's simply not working.

Worst State:

Even after reading all this, my father still remains silent. He says he cannot risk a man’s life!...
I received this photo in my mail box. Check it out! If its you, I promise to post your photo!

June 1st 2007

After reading my post on Helmet one of my ardent fan ( Shiva pls. forgive me for this!) sent me this pic taken in Chennai on June1st around 9.30 am. Also read mail he had sent in the below post

Fan Mail - 2

That Ms. Bee was busy was the reason for her silence. This wasn't accepted by one of her ardent regular reader and Fan!
Excerpts from his mail is below

Dear Bee,
I am a regular reader of your blog. I have never commented on your posts. ( Whats there to comment? ) I write now because you have not posted for the past 5 days and am seriously looking at a new post. It goes with a reason.

Whenever I feel very disgusted and feel my brains are not working I go to your blog. Well dont' mistake that I get refreshed by reading all those .....( I have censored certain lines); By reading your post I feel more elated about myself, 'cos I have always thought I am the most foolish one and that I dont have brains. You have always proved me wrong.

Your blog makes me wonder how could a person be without Brains at all! How do you feel to walk empty headed? Well, am trying to reach the Discovery Channel and NGC to tell about you. I was told that both the channels are looking at airing different Species!

One thing Bee! No one can point fingers at you and say that You are a Head Weight person!

..... .................
......... ..................

I have censored many lines. He was so magnanimous in speaking about me. As you know that I dont like Publicity (viscosity/Electricity/) I have cut the long mail short

Yours very friendly,