Down the memory lane

Well, Let me first apologise for not updating regularly. But today I decided come what may, I would Wish You all....Each and every on of us carry some sweet memory of some new year...Here is what that happened some years back.....

I think at that time I was in 9 or 10 STD. I had an elder sister then. Infact she was not like me. She was very good looking, talented and on the contrary she was very intelligent. On that year, she had joined college.

Unlike me who would go back home a bit early to late night, she comes home on time ...somewhere between 4.00 - 5.00 pm. If she would be coming late, she would keep my mom posted.

Date: Dec.31...
Time: 6.00
Mom's position: Running between the entrance to Kitchen and to the terrace to have the view of the road. Poor thing not even once did she remember then that the coconut trees around my home would hide the view. I saw her jumping to get the view of the road...

Time:6.30 pm
Mom's position: Seated at the entrance. Actually i called her inside. But I think she was enjoying the kisses from all the mosquitoes.

Time: 7.00 pm
Mom's position: Running between Street corner and house. That was when the girl in the next street came to see my sister....I had nick named her as Kanchenjunga...dont ask me the secret of that name, then I would forced to say a lie that it was her teeth....

KJGA: hi bee. call ur sis.
Me: Whoa. So you have come home is it?
KJGA: What r u trying to say?
Me: It means she hasnt come home as yet. Wait lemme call my mom
My mom: KJ, did you both not come together?
KJ: Ho, no autny..actually i didnt go to college today.
( I very well knew that it was a lie. JUst before she had told me that my sis left on time and that she had been to the library.)
Me: Is it? Oh OH!!
With that she stared at me and left my worrying mother more worried.
Me: Amma, I think she would have eloped with someone...
My mom: Dare not speak about my gal to me...k...
Me: Ok..She escaped...and am like the monkey stuck in between...

Time: 8.00 pm...
Mom: In the verge of crying..
ME: Mamma look here.. i know she doesnt have the guts to elope...but you have to think of other options as well...May be some one could have kidnapped her...
Mom: Please will you stop that nonsesnse
Me: Yeah! I only want to but...
Mom: What will i say to your Dad?
Me: There u you are worried that pappa would scold you is it?
Don worry I will call him up and tell him...( that time my Dad was placed at Vadodara..)
Mom: shut up!

I wasnt bullied or never felt insulted.. afterall she is my mom. she has every right to say it...
Me:Huh! If they had kidnapped her, why no one has called us to ask for ransom?
Me: Lets hope that they dont spoil her....

Thud ....oh that was the sound of the bat which she threw at me...

Time: 8.30 pm
Mom: Took a cold bath. Came out shivering. Prayed to our Lord for her safe return. You know the funniest part was, she wanted her priceless daughter for just Re. 1/- which she tied in a small yellow cloth and kept it it the hundi...

Time: 8.45 pm
My sis returned...She was all smiles...not worried, there was no ounce of tension that she had been late...she walked in cooly...
After all the shouts and arguments.. she had been to her friends place.. she had called one answered the phone.. so she taught that we have all gone out and that she would come a bit late. SHe had been tryin and tryin till 8.15 and after that she had started from her friends place. Hoping to fight with us for leaving her.

Incidentally the phone was out of order from noon. She certainly didnt know....

That's the end of the story...
Wish you all a Happy Happy and a Most happening NEW YEAR...............

Am Back !!!!

Though Not with a Bang.. At least I know I have made it

Before that Sorry Sorry Sorry..............Sorry for not updating this space for such a long time.. Which Even I didnt anticipate....So why did I not update it regularly?

Was Buzee Man....C'mon understand....

SO to start with what do I write now???????? Huh! It looks that its been a long time ever since I wrote.. well i just read a tag in some unkmnown random link i read....

Ten things I miss having in my life now...Gotcha! Thats hell of a Topic.. Whadya say?

1. I miss all the pocket money from my dad. Now stop grudging that my dad gave me more than what I required then...
Am telling you about the money that he kept in his pocket..which I took it whenever possible...Papa, do you now know where all those missing Rs.100/-'s went?

2. I miss the summer vacation I spent in my Nanni's house...she used to flatter me for all those naughty naughty things I did ...She spoilt me a lot more than anyone..

3. The mangoes we ( myself, my sister and our friend) stole from the neighbors tree...

4. The thrashings I got from my momma for all the activities(sorry I cant much elaborate it here.. Isn't it pappa?) I did...

5. Sitting on the terrace and trying to peek a boo at the neighbour's first floor...( Pappa don read this... You will hate me) I think I had just completed my 12th STD. Myself and my dear friend tun tun we had a nice pass time...A just married couple had moved in to the first floor next door..
Seeing him we would go to the terrace and would wait for their romance to start...Oops now don think bad of me OK...All we got to see was the catch me if you can game played round and round the bed...after that it would go dark...This dint interest us for a long time.. we were initmidated only for a weeks time... after that it was Naayy...

6. The mid afternoon sleep on Saturdays after an oil bath and a heavy meal...

7. The play ground and the amateur foot ball, basket ball and the throw ball played there...

8. Being the guardian angel for the class mates who met their beau and love in the evening after tution hours...though i never had had the opportunity to have one...

9. The samosas and Ice creams I ate at Sea Kings...

10. My parents sent me out (!!!! Sory Papa.. I know how much peace it brought you rather) when I was 18 and still living far away from them.. I miss my Home...

Since I have come back and that too with a taggy kind of a Post Why Should I not Tag You All.. Everyone of you are tagged...PH,Scribbler, S4n705h,Vigneswaralu,Chronic Writer,Compassion Unlimited, Crazy Bugga, Sirpy.. and whomever I have missed please take the tag and do it ... Don't wait for me to tag you all....

Whats Happening???

India is a country known for its Traditions and Cultural Values. A country which respects women and mother hood. How true is this statement? For, here is one news which has made me think if that was a much hyped propaganda....Am ashamed. Its a Shame. How could they do this? What was this photographer who took this doing then? Ha! He was adjusting his position, zooming in to get the picture perfect photo of a woman!!!! Had he gone to prevent it chances are he would be killed. DIE MAN. Die trying to save a Lady.Than seeing a woman being harassed by a group of men. Oh well, its your proffession to take Photographs. Well, will youthink of atleast placing a finger on the camera if it had to be your daughter?

I do understand that this is a material evidence...but is it necessary to publish it? Will the publishers...dare to put his/her daughters, mothers wife's or sis pic like this? What the F**K are they trying to do by repeatedly airing this news piece? Do you want to increase your TRP rating at the cost of her agony? If all you bother is your rating, Go MEdia Go... You have the Page 3 News Item..She is not a News..Its her life... She is all blod and Flesh...Bloody Mother F****ers.....How could you Air it like that? May be, for one she cannot go public and say it was her who was stripped and molested and sue you. Second, its your Bloody Media Rights... I feel like hanging the man who coined the word Freedom of Press.

And, What a Pic Man? What a News? We Indians should be proud of these...Isn't it true that October 2nd, every year is remembered only as DRY DAY...

Now that we know the news including You and Me....what are we going to do for this? If we remember, we will make a follow up for the case... What happens to that Woman? Ha! She is being compensated with Rs.1 Lakh. The goverment of Assam has fixed this rate for Her Self-Esteem. Her esteem, her pride shattered is now sold to Government........What more as always the law will take its own course...Yeah..But How many years will it take its course to give this woman the justice?

Now what do we do about this? WEll, how many of us have considered the election day as one another Govenrment Holiday.. A break from the high pressured Schedule....!!!! We have happily sat back, criticising the politicians....
If a bomb explodes the state gov. says the IB has not given us prior information. This coalition says that the Gov. is at fault and the gov. in the centre says its the fault of XYZ... Its Bloody politics when the lesser known and ordinary citizens loose their material and life.

Am torn. Their dreams their hopes, their love, their aims and above all a peaceful death which every living creature deserves has been shattered. Don't they deserve a much dignified death. I certainly don't want to be blasted with my brains and kidney and my leg and hands torn...They would have been more happy if they do lose their life in a War against our enemy. Now all of this has happened because of a few corrupted men - Men who are in Power. For whom your life and mine are to be shed for their long stay in power. As PH some time back said here...Am disturbed and worried to the core.

This is MY India..But this is not the India I want to live in....

If Switzerland, Singapore Bangkok could curb corruption, money laundering Why not India? Things would definitely take a change when the IAS Officers, IPS, Medicos mend their ways Stop begging...Isn't taking money from you and me by use of power a forced act of Beggary?

I read that a Politician hanged himself when he was proved corrupt...Am not asking for the politicians to hang themselves...I know not even one politician would be alive.. All I ask them is to have a little conscience...Thats enough for the country's prosperity.

Do you AGREE?

38 Questions

The best thing that happens to any blogger is when he/she is Tagged. It sure depends on What you get Tagged. Anyways, here is what I have to say for the 38 Questions by S4N705H

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?

MY Roomie's daughter;
And Today its the Lady with the Purple Heart. Read this post of hers...puleezzzz

2. What were you doing at 0800?
Am or PM? Be Specific. Well 0800 am I was ironing.. 0800pm is yet to come for the day.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
I was in a meeting.

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Lots of things happened buddy. BE Clear man. If not I will have to say that I tried Dating a few guys and my Dad said a BIG No to all of them. That while trying to to aerobics I fell on my back. That I cooked and had a big fight with the pan.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
Abhey Yaar....Relax

6. How many beverages did you have today?
Ahem! 1

7. What color is your hairbrush?
Black and Red

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
Do you think we ladies get to pay?

9. Where were you last night?
Would you be happy if I tell you that I was out on a Date...? With that Dentist? Ooooooooopssssssss!!!
But aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghhh am back to my work city and I was in my Room

10. What color is your front door?
Room: Cream; Home: Burgandy

11. Where do you keep your change?
If you wont steal them for your cigars I promise to reveal you...

12. What’s the weather like today?

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
Butter Scotch; Chocolates; Pistha; Any flavor but for Strawberry

14. What excites you?
My Bed. Whenever I see it I find it most welcoming. ITs the only tihng on earth that cares for me ( Sigh!)

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
Yeah! badly need it.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
Oh God Don't you all know that am still 21 ( Atleast for the past 7 yrs!!!)

17. Do you talk a lot?
See Talking is something different; And Sharing is something different; I have loads and loads to be shared. If you call that to be talking I just cant help it. It all depends on your thinking buddy...

Ah! Well what was the question? No. I dont talk a lot.

18. Do you watch the O.C.?
Whats this now?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
Steven? How do I say that? Well to start with I have to tell you that I really want to know after reading this question to say Yes..But till now I don't know.... ( If you find this answer is relative to ques no 17, I cant help it)

20. Do you make up your own words?
I speak my words. But I like things to be natural. No artificials or Make -Up's....I like it plain and simple.

21. Are you a jealous person?
Incidentally its the other way round. I always do my best. I like and want people to be jealous of me. Sometimes, Yes. Am jealous.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.
Anusha.. ( My Best Friend )

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
Kasthuri (My Colleague)

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?
MP ( Sorry.. its a secret code for a Special Person...he he heeeeee)

25. What does the last text message you received say?

The only thing you can get without working is Hungry. Am hungry. Please come to Eat....( I got this message from Kasthuri)

26. Do you chew on your straw?
Yuck! No Way

27. Do you have curly hair?

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
Rest Room

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
If somewhere I feel that that person would be rude to all, I wont mingle.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
Pizza, Burger, Marcroni....I wanted to have one of these...But managed to get Rice. And had it my stomach full.

31. Will you get married in the future?
I want to. My papa is yet to make his mind on that. He says it cannot be forced on anyone. HE says he doesn't want some to waste his life like him...

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?

33. Is there anyone you like right now?

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
Two weeks back.

35. Are you currently depressed?
Ho! No!!!!

36. Did you cry today?
Why should I? Well, am always short of tears.

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Trust Me. I didn't have any other thing to post today.

38. Tag few people who would do this survey.
Well, Lemme Tag Compassion Unlimited, Sirpy and Praveen

Romancing the dentist...

Dentists can be frustrating. You wait a month-and-a-half for an appointment, and they say, "I wish you'd come to me sooner." - Anonymous

How true Isn't it? Have you ever been to a dentist's place? Ooops thats the most sulking place...He gets paid every time you open your smelly mouth......

So this weekend having nowhere to go myself and my dad we went to the dentist clinic...We were in a hurry. Poor Dad had a party to attend at Thambaram...

For some reason my Dad asked me to wait in the reception and he went inside....From the door which was not closed fully I heard them...and this is what happened.....

Dad: Doctor, Am in a hurry. Need to finish this off soon
Doc: Yeah. That could be done. But let me examine whats the problem
Dad: I know its a bad tooth and needs to be pulled. "No fancy stuff, Doctor,"
Doc: Look sir, we have a cosmetic section that is different.
Dad: I mean, No Astringent or pain killers of that sort. Put the drill and pull it off...Stright...
Doc: Relieving a Sigh!!!"I wish more of my patients were as stoic as you,"
Dad: You know... its a small pain.. bearable, right?

Doc:"Now, which tooth is it?"
Dad: One sec doctor.
That was it.. I couldnt Stand or Sit or Jump it anymore...I rushed outside and went straight to the parking...The ever sincere dad of mine called me on my phone.

Dad: Where are you?
Me: Papa, I never thought you could do this to me.
Dad: What did I do now?
Me: I heard you. I heard every single word you said to that stupid doc...
Dad: The doctor is waiting...Don't waste time.. Get in soon...
Me:For what? To pull my tooth straight away...
Dad: Common Beti.. its not gonna be as painful as you think
Me: True.Its my tooth and not yours......

After that, somehow my dad successfully convinced me and after 2 patients we went in...
I have seen a couple of Dentists. All of them were looking good. But this guy was young, strikingly good looking...At first I thought this beautiful hands is gonna pull my tooth like a grey hair.. (What a Metaphor Bee darling?) Just like that....

I was nervous as well to have him at such a close proximity...looking at my mouth...For a moment i wanted my Dad to go out and wait...(C'mon now dont start thinking bad.. ok...I just didnt want my dad see me trying to flirt with him.. and that was it)

Doc: Am not gonna pull your tooth. You just have a cavity. Thats it.
Me: (I was relieved....) Is it? Thank you.. Thank you so much
Doc: Now, temme, what kind of filling do you wanna go with for that cavity...
Me: Chocolate, please. If thats a constrain, any flavour other than Strawberry...
Doc: Ha ha haaa... Very humorous girl huh!!!

( Inside my mind. Hell with you man...You are not my kind of a guy)

To Mam with Love....:)

Each one of us would have either been a participant or a spectator or a member of the organizing team in a Cultural Event. BE it in School, College or at least in your office....Isn't it? If you have not come across any of this, then better close this window. This crap is not just for you. For one, you will not understand ; Two, you are a dumb ass....

Now those whose ass is not as Dumb as SLB... and those who had had fun inasmuch as I had....Have you ever been the M.C?

As you all know that in my college I am the most wanted when it comes to organizing or emceeing....Till that date I thought was good for Nothing but never knew that Talking Non Stop would get the attention of my college....Let me cut the Long Blah Blah Blahs....This is what happened when I did M.C. for the first time... I was more like the Instant Uppuma.... the good looking girl who had to M.C. that day was unable to do it for unknown reasons (Actually she eloped with her boy friend and got married!!! Charges were borne by us - I will tell you in another post what happened)

Moreover it was the inter cultural event once. Participants from other colleges were there. We had a series of events to be conducted. The elocution was going on its full spree and to the shock of my college mgmt. none of them paid attention.

I was to announce the next event that followed elocution. There was so much catcalls and hisses. It was my first attempt at emceeing. My appearance with the program list was welcomed with a farewell clap...For a moment I thought am gonna wet my pants...There I was standing patiently for them to come to silence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I began...the catcall and hisses started anew...
Oh am sorry. I didn't mean to insult anyone..... (Sigh! At last I got their attention....) Now May I welcome our beloved Chief guest to deliver his Speech...that was to be followed by the Cultural Secretary of the College and it was to be followed by the Principal to deliver her........blah blah blah........)

One thing about my Principal is she is a lady of Wits and Quotes. Of all things for what all I am today, she is the one I have to thank. She had a sharp sense of humor and has a way to get things done...

I remember once that for an intra college function we asked her permission to present a tamil skit. Well, we had an unwritten rule that everything should be conducted in English. To our disbelief she said yes.. while she was to disperse from the meeting she said " Well you may do as you wish, but don't you think that English is the medium in which all of us have to excel?" And so we dropped the idea of having a Tamil skit....

Well let me come back to this post....To the dismay of the participants and the viewers all the speaker spoke in length and carried their bulky speech....Visibly brightened crowd welcomed her with a huge applause... someone went overboard and said..Thank you so much you dont have loads of things to say.....

After all those thank you messages...The lady of wits and quotes related to some Lord Goodman....He once said " When a man speaks from notes, at least you know he/she is going to end sometime."

That was it the crowd was tounge tied...And then she spoke for another 3- 4 mins and left the stage....

So now why am I saying this....Its that This morning when I opened my Mail box I had a mail from her.. Wishing Me for Children's Day...However notorious I could be... She is one person who will forgive me ....likes me and wishes me good luck... Thank you Mam...for all your love and I know you are a silent visitor here...This post is for YOU...You are Truly, Simply Special....

What do I have to say for this?

There is a story which I want to share with you all...I dunno whether it would appeal to you or not....well but the time has come for me to say it.. to spell it out....It may not be a long story... for some.. quite a long one for some...After reading this you could fee that it Sucks! or you could just laugh away....

Its about everything...It looks fairy tale but its a simple love story.. now all of you who read the previous line... what you just read is correct.. its a small love story...Its about a beautiful girl...and a nice boy...

He loves her.. but she loves some one else...If his sounds like M&B's sorry...its not one like that...To tell this story.. I will have to tell you a lot of things...Their lives.. their place...etc.,

To make you read more... Let me cut the long story short...before that I have a doubt...What is it like cutting a long story short.....??? At which point does one decide to cut and join the pieces?

Let me come back to the Story which I wanted to tell you...May be am getting distratcted a lot...Why is it so?

So guys what am i trying to say? Oh oh...haan here it goes the boy sees her.. loves her.. she is rather waiting for her boy friend.. in the mean time there is another lady.. little older than the biy fall for him...the boy tries to convince the girl.........oooooooooooooooppppppppsss is it confusing?

SO what happened next.. I had a head ache then and I have one now as well.. thinking of that story....Oh Did I tll you that its I saw Saawariya yesterday? Well the Movie Shucks!!!!!!

You can see a fairy tale song...may be 2 songs or all of the song.. but not the entire 150 mins....

This is what happened at my home that evening........

Mom: Bee, come here... Where are you?

Me: Am in the living room...

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: Watching T.V.

Mom: What's that you are seeing?

Me: Oh nothing its a blue film

My mom, my dad and sis rushed in... ooops I was watching Lage Raho in Sony

Note: This post could have been as confusing as the noodles.. but its like that.. And let me appeal to Vishwam: Pls Vishwam Dont hurl stones on me.. I have got enough of it to build my house now.. if you still have some more Go to Mumbai...Search Sanja Leela ooooooooopppppppppssssss Bansali and hurl it on him for me.. please ........ Will you?

One another Interesting Forward....

Think English is easy?
Can you read these right the first time?

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.

2) The farm was used to produce produce .

3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse .

4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present .

8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

10) I did not object to the object.

11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row .

13) They were too close to the door to close it.

14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.

15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

18) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

19) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

20) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?


Kid: Mommy, I want crackers

Mom: Wait dear.There's still time left....

Kid: In that case can I burst that cracker

Mommy: Which one....?

Kid: The Red one....( The kid points a place)

Mommy: God thats a Domestic Cylinder

Now I understand that

There is a price for everything...

That too if it turns out to be the most intelligent blogger (!); with the most dashing looks the price is heavy....Especially being Bee... I never knew that I had t pay so much....Its becoming really tough these days that my life is being threatened...If Shrija and Shreesha could claim asylum at the hands of law stating fear of life.. Why should I not?

As an afterthought I think, I should first observe and learn my lessons from the not at all intelligent Shiva (sorry dear friend ) on how to appear ------------- ( I meant to say to Dumb; Shiva, am giving the answer for the Fill-in-the Blanks because i don't want everyone assigning their own word for that - Hope you understand)

Now coming to the post, Jealous eyes follow me everywhere...because of which am having a high fewer for the past 4 days.. that is ever since I returned from the Wedding....

My room mate Ms.K was so worried that she got a dozen of apples for me to eat....God what is she thinking of me? That am someone like S4N705H? Certainly my stomach doesn't start below my neck...

I did not wanna eat the apple and said so.....We had a small discussion on this. But alas it was she who said that

She: Bee dear, Don't you know that An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away....

Me:(Thoughtfully)....Yes... you are right.. If I hit with it hard enough I bet my ass the Doc would be far away....

She: What do you want now? To be killed in Rain or Do you think its better to Eat them? Choice ofcourse is entirely yours....

What happened then?

The answer to that Question is in the last line.....But if you go to the last line first.. you will not be able to relate and understand a thing of what am trying to say......Better go by the rules.. read the post first....

Let me explain what happened to me first.... Why I have been posting very little these days...?Well do you all remember that my sis got engaged in September? Yup.. She got married last week at Chennai.

Normally marriages are fun. That too if you have a partner thinking on your lines.. then that would be double fun.. Here the Grooms elder sister ( Mrs.VK ) was that partner for me...We had the last say in each and every thing the bride and the groom did....In every marriage.. if it happens to be your very close relative... in my case its my sis.. you would know about the Nuptial Night...The much hyped but played low part of any Wedding could be th Nuptial Night and the preperation.......

That I had an equally good partner.. we did our best to spoil the mood(!!!!) of the night for the newly weds.....Naughty Naughty.. dont think bad man..

All we did was took a couple of Alarm Clocks...kept the alarms to blare at 30 mins regular interval...All the alarms were placed in different non guessable places and celotaped tightly so that they cant switch it off immediatley...Then what we did?????

Nothing Much we just emptied A Big ketchup bottle into a Ziplock Bag and placed it under the mattress...Psst.. You should have seen my sis face the next day morning she was as red as the Ketchup....Then What???

We removed the memory card from the Digicamera.. Placed it diagonally above the Bed....Switched the Cam on....Called them at 11.20 pm... promptly she attended the call for she wanted to shout at me for the Ketchup Mess......and this is what happened

My sis took the call.. the call was on the speaker mode

ME : Hi di! Whats happening?
She : How could you do this to me?
Me : Hey No...I didn't do anything.. Rather its he who's gonna.....
She : Stop it! Will you? You two made a mess.
Me : Now dont shout. I just called to wish you a Good Nights Sleep ( I chuckled)
She : ( Irritatingly) Is it? Oh! Thanks...Bye then
Me : One Second....
She : Now What?
Mrs. VK : Hi da... sorry to have bothered you.. but we wanted to know if everything is fine...
She : ( Painfully smiling- remember its her sis-in-law) Yes...Thank you...
Then she gave the phone to her Man...
He : (to his sis annoyed to the core) What the hell do you want now? The day doesnt end here...I will speak to you tomorrow morning
Mrs VK : Fine. I just called to warn you.
He : Warn Me! of What? What ever happens I will take care...
Mrs. VK : Just now I got a news that a Digicam was placed in your room.. I dunno where....
HE Interrupted.....
He : What? What did you say? A Camera...? There was total Silence........after a few seconds Holy Shit.......Yes its there .......Its you two right.....If anything of all that had happened ow has been recorded....My dear sis.. I dont mind going to prison tomorrow.. you both wont be alive to see the sun rise.......

Mrs VK : Darling Brother I heard the rumour... Promise you it wasnt us......

The time was 11.30 pm...Our first Alarm went out
He and She together: Ammah.....( they screamed )
We: Anything wrong..Do you want us to come there........

Tup... He cut the phone....

Had the thing been arranged at the Mandap... we would have bursted crackers every time they switch on the lights....Shucks I missed it!!! Should I all tell you what happened the next day morning....?

If anyone of you is getting married in the near future, Please do Invite me. after all Am not as bad as you all think.


Bubai Blogspot... Contd.,

As Promised......On Friday.....Cheer up Guys.......The new Link is Ready......What more.... Just Click Here....

Bubai.. Blogspot

The BLOG is SHUT DOWN.............

I repeat this blog is SHUT DOWN from this day the 22nd October, 2007, Monday...........

Watch this space for further updation on where to get hooked......

Those of you who are Happy at th is decision.........Please close this window...the message below is certainly not for your good spirits consumption........

Now those of you who felt sad at reading about the SHUT DOWN.......Why not suggest me a good title for a new website......Or do i continue to have like this : ????????

C'mon yaar......The options are open till Friday.........

Now am waiting to hear from you all..........



What do I Say????????????

I first have to tell you guys that the reason for this post is Purple Heart. Yes! She is the one who is behind this post. I dunno if I should dedicate this post to her.

In a moment of foolishness, I asked her something........This is what she had....poor PH to think of me like her... thinks that I have loads of creativity...One thing is for Sure.. you would have to eat your know why? Am gonna make my very first attempt.

Very First Attempt! At What? he he writing a Poem.......You dont believe it? Check What the PH had to say for me here. So blame PH and Not me!!!!

Now those who have got a strong heart read.....else please close the window... I tell you that is the best way to have a good day rather than having a heart attack.......

So what can I write about???

I am in my terrace...
Lying down
With tears rolling down
Staring at those stars
Thinking of you

Then came a gentle breeze
Soothing my thoughts
I heard a song
From god knows where

Reminding me of you
The hours we spent
Listening to
I was Lying down
Staring at those Stars
Thinking of you

We were parted
But we know
We love one another
Where are you dear?

Are you the shining Star that I see?
Are you the silence that I hear?
Are you the bird that Chirps in my window?
Or are you the Gentle Breeze that I feel?
I am searching for you every where

Knowing well that
You are here...
With me...In my heart and mind
Now here I am

Lying down in the Terrace
Staring at those Stars
Thinking of you

A Movie...And the meaning....

Its not everytime you feel like writing about a movie which you have just watched. And this is my first attempt at writing a review. I just watched a Tamil movie - Kattradhu Tamil ( Learnt Tamil ). The protoganist here has been portrayed so well by Jeeva the actor. And a very realistic looking leading lady - Anjali.

The story is about a boy next door. A boy who loses his dear ones but for his father in a road accident. It so happens his ill fate continues to follow him. The entire story unfolds in a narrative mode. Not once do you get bothered. A gripping tight screenplay. The script writer, incidentally who is also the director has spent a lot of time.

The movie questions the ‘educative’ system, the BPO frenzy youth , unemployment for many. It has put forth and is more a slap on the face to agree and nod to the more liberal life style in Chennai and else where across India.

He learns tamil more out of his love for his Tamil Teacher and Mentor whom he treats like demi god.Here the movie doesnt say that he has lost his life because he had learnt Tamil. The protagonist sympathises like this " Atleast I have learnt Tamil, I will read some Tamil poems and Thiru Kural and manage to earn a few hundreds. Think of those guys who have studied History, Geography, Political Science, Economis. Those who struggle to earn a meger amount of even Rs.2000/- per month. When in the contrary there are a set of People who earn in Lakhs just because they know computers.

Almost all of us would have come across some P.G's who have studied those Arts course. Atleast I have come across. I remember an M.Phil in History, his name is Thirunavukkarasu. He worked under me. His salary was so meger, I hate to type it out here.

There is one particular dialouge which make us think. It goes like this " IT's growth has helped Indian Economy. No denying the fact. Now, think India as a human boday. Let us suppose that IT industry as one Leg. In that case, in the entire body if only the leg grows, isnt it an Elephatiasis?" The movie also questions the kind of provactive words printed on T-Shirts, especially the ones worn by women.

At many angles the lead man doesnt look like him. The dark circles the protruding eyes without the spectacles, the beard, his rough hair. Not to forget the no make up appearance of the lead lady. Even the kids who acted as the young leads were spectacular. The cameo role done by Azhagam preumal, his body language, his diction everything was superb.

The movie is about a simple person who because of the trun of events beomes a murderer. A person who has got a wide knowledge, who is fluent in the so called necessary language English. A person who has a heart of Gold to give. A person who repents for all the 22 murders he has done and confesses though no prima facia case is against him.

This is the directors debutorial venture. Hats off to the director MR. Ram Subbu. The music is so apt and so is the camera. This is a movie which would set best for any language not only Tamil.

Even those who cant understand the language Tamil, can see this movie. For the movie on its whole is understandable.

10 cms. x 500 cms.

I have been reading blogs here and there....Almost 90% of all the blogs I read... or the ones that i get linked to has discussed of all the things about Toilets... Potty Training...Toilet Paper...Toilet Soaps.....Ooops such smelly posts.. yuck......

Well, if you are thinking what I have been thinking to write...I want to remind you that I am writing this because I dont have anyother topic to write today....

Its not the Poop ( Yuck!) am gonna write its the paper that we use to scratch our ass ...Does the toilet paper companies honestly think we enjoy wiping ourselves with sandpaper? Do we really need suffering after we shit? More to it, I still dont understand the logic in having a scented, coloured toilet paper.....

But one use I find is to write phone numbers or to do some rough calculations......while am inside the Toi...Arrey, I mean I use the unused ones....Like S4n705h, I too enjoy reading books inside the Toi...have anyone of you tried doing it? No. try it and you would thank me for it. Your creative levels would reach its best inside...

Have you ever imagined if by all of a sudden there is a demand for toilet paper...In other words there is shortage of Toilet Paper....What would happen if the World has a sudden crisis for Toilet paper...

In the International Front:

Bush could blame that it was OBL's secret mission that has been well executed...He would press his claim to send Troops to Iraq. For, it was only in Iraq, the late Saddam Hussein concieved this plan...

Condoleeza Rice would take on a World Tour pressing the charges against OBL discreetly threatening the developing nations of US Ban if they dont stand by the US Claim.......

A special TP Tax ( Toilet paper Tax) could be introduced by Gordon Brown and could unanimously passed by the British Parliament....

Australia could well find the terror links leading to the sudden crisis.

China would announce that they have banned usage of Toilet Papers as its against their Communist Principles..

In India:

The Indian PM, MMS would convene an All party meeting headed by SG.

CPI would pressure the Government against the sale of Toilet Papers in India. Prakash Karat would head the Nation Wide Protest condemning the usage of Toilet paper.

Karuna, could go on a hunger strike asking to the Goverment to intervene in the sudden crisis for Toilet paper...He would be met my the leaders sent by SG with a special message that they support his cause and assure to take necessary inititatives.

JJ would seek the immediate intervention of the SC to ban the hunger strike. In her report she would claim that had it been her Government it would not have let down the hopes of the TN people. It was the wrong move of the minority Gov. in TN that has led the people to be smelly.

JD(S) united could well put the issue of Toilet papers in their run for the Karnatka CM seat in the coming elections. Devegowda could well sleep on this issue.

Amitabh could give a speech for or against Toilet papers based on the sponsorship deal he is to sign.The same could be marketed br Bharat Bala in the best interest of the Indian People.

What more.. NDTV would conduct an SMS survey..... Burkha Dutt would report straight from the heart on India Questions.....

God I never knew that a 10 cms x 500 cms long toilet roll would have so much implications....

Of all the things i receive via mail, I have been asked to take part in this survey...Its your turn guys.....Go ahead!!!

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As a matter of Fact......

After writing the Now that you know series….I still have the hang.. so here is the left out instances before and after on what happened on the D-Day!!!

Somewhere around 4 pm my mom got upset that I didn’t turn up. For in the morning I was so restless. She had felt something bad. I prayed for nearly 30 mins.!!! That was a shock. More to it, I called her and asked her to wish me and bless me.

Her worries started right from lunch time. For she had told me that, that afternoon she is going to make my favorites. I missed them. All I had was bread and Jam.

The most pitiful person in all that happened was Nal. She didn’t know anything. She was questioned and questioned and questioned…. How my dad and her dad found that it was we two who had gone together is a big question for which till now I don’t have an answer.

When we did that, we never knew that we are wrong. We did what we wanted to do. Had she not told me that stupid dream, even in my dream I would not have conceived the idea to run away. After so many years and after finishing the post, I think back the struggles the pain, the anxiety and the tears they would have shed for us.

My mom became sick. When I came back she didn’t speak to me for a week. Everyone near my place looked down at me. It was humiliating then. I was the darling of my place till then.

My H.M. was very upset. She spoke to me and Jose for nearly half – an hour. She too cried. That was one thing we never expected. Though I was naughty she always liked me for that. For all the mischief’s I was up to, if it had been any other student she would have taken serious steps.

When I won the Best All Round Performer Award that year during Parents Day celebration I got back all I had lost. I was overwhelmed so was my Mom, my Dad and my Sis.

Now that you all Know …. THE END

Though we rounded on Pondicherry, we had serious doubts on how long it would take. Whether we should take food for the travel or not. Never once it occurred to us about the monetary part!!! We even argued where to stay!!! I right from the start put my foot and said that it would be my aunt’s place else we are not leaving.

Saturdays were holidays for us at School. We cannot go on any other day but for Saturday and Sunday. I gave no qualms at my home. I told my mom on Friday that I had to overlook the dance program for the Parents Day. That was my reason and my mom bought it. I was under the constant scrutiny of my dad, so I reminded her about me going to school only after he left for office. Who else would know my shenanigans better than my dad?

On the contrary, she cannot say the same excuse to her mom. For her, she was going to one of our friend Nal’s house. She was offered to be dropped. Somehow she managed to come on her own.

All said and done we made it.

The D-Day : SATURDAY Time: 10.00 am Money in Hand: Rs. 100 + 100 !!!

My role as the leader of the two started once we met. We went to a Temple to seek Blessings. Though she was from another belief, the secularist in her followed me to temple. We prayed. We left our BSA bicycles at the stand and went to the Main Bus Stand.

We didn’t know where the Pondy bus Stops or Starts.

Time Keeper’s Office

Me: Uncle, my amma wants to know where we can board the Pondy Bus.

He: Huh! Go there ( he moved his hand and showed the place).

Me: Thanks Uncle

Me: Hey! Come. The bus is there

She: Ok. Come.

We got a comfortable seating. It was a 3 seater. I was kind enough to give her the Window seater.Then came the trouble. A family of 5 occupied near and behind us. All our way they spoke to us.

He Man: ( That is how he looked – Was sitting behind us) Bee do you want biscuit?

Me: No Uncle

He Man: For you dear?

She: No thanks Uncle.( We had told them that we were sisters) Amma has asked us not to eat outside.

Old Lady: Children, aren’t you afraid to travel alone?

Me: No Dhaddhi, we had even traveled in Flight up and down alone. You know, last summer we had been to S’pore!!! (I never knew that they were keeping us occupied and collecting details from us)

Conductor: Ticket dear for you two

She: 2 for Pondicherry

Me: Uncle 2 half Tickets

She: Yes. Yes. 2 half tickets.

The Bus Stand Came. Only then fear gripped me. I dunno how she felt. It was 7.00pm. Only then did it strike what I had done. All I knew was my aunt’s address. Didn’t know how to go from there. Right or Left. East or West. I was Blank.

They didn’t let us go. The He-Man family. His sister and his wife started talking to us. The Toddler was asleep in the old lady’s arms. He left us both with them and went somewhere. I saw him talking to somebody. He had actually spoken to them, had given his address had literally begged to take us with him. He didn't want us to let go like that.

I didn't know any of this. I nudged Jose and told her. If ever he tries to sell us or kidnap us, we will jump off. I will pinch you. Both of us will jump together and will run. We will somehow manage to go to my aunts place.

She: Ok. Fine. As you say. Am hungry.

Me: Don’t worry. Anyway they have to go home. Cannot be with us for long. I will get something for you.

He then hailed a taxi. The old lady should have heard our plan. She put us in the middle. She and her daughter sat either side of us.

After that what? Haan... he took us to his home. Gave us food. The funniest part is, they had non veg to give us. I sighed and said No. He went out and bought dosa for me.

He took my aunts address and left. Later I came to know that when he went, they were not there. He had left a message to their neighbor. My uncle and aunt came rushing. My aunt I think fainted seeing me there. More to it the Toddler was awake and I was playing.

After that… Nothing… Her parents came. My parents came. That was the first time ever I remember my Dad kicking me. Never knew he would dare enough play football with his girl as a Ball.

After a weeks time, I came back Home. To my Home Sweet Home.

On the second day before Jose left with her parents, we went to beach. We stood there. Holding Hands. Realising her early morning dream come true. I hoped that my father would put me in Karate Class...It is still a dream......

Now that you all Know ….Part - 3

A week after that incident, my science teachers girl, who was also my class mate spoke to me in a hush hush tone about a dream she had early in the morning. It was a Wednesday. And this is what happened.......

Well she dreamt that both of us were traveling all alone. She said that in her dreams she saw beach and rocks. And that we were standing there. I was stumped. What do I have to say?

Me: Are you sure it was me?

She: yes. Am damn sure.

Me: What do we do now? The dreams which you get in early hours would become true. Oh! God No. ( I was a biggie then)

She: Am afraid.

Me: ( I never said Me too though I was )… ummmm do one thing; don’t discuss this to anyone

She: Am sorry. I never knew that I would have such wild dreams. And put you also in deep trouble.

Me: Its okay. Lets see whats happening. Lets hope for the Best.

(Inside my mind: What will happen if this dream turns out to be true? I was bewildered.)

Later that day, the ASPL was taking his bicycle from the stand. No one was around. My time had come. May be that was what I thought. He didn’t notice me. I went and kicked him hard on his butt……

Phew! The boy fell down! I was overwhelmed with joy. Hastily he got up.

ASPL: Why did you do that?

Me: Hmmmm just like that…… Ha ha aaaaa

ASPL: Then, Fishk Fishk Fishk……… He moved his hands in the air and took the nerve out of me.. No. He didn’t hit me.

I was startled.

ASPL: This is Karate. One blow and you are off……He took his cycle and went.

SO that was it. How could he do that? That too to his senior. If he knows Karate, then I will also learn it.

I confronted my Dad. Asked him to put me in a Karate Class.

Dad: Who? You? You don’t want us to be alive? (I still remember the way he looked at me)

The whole of the following week was very pathetic for me. Just unbearable then. I cried. I begged. I protested. I hid his bike key. Tried to puncture the tyre when he started it with the second key. Went on a Fasting for 3 days. (My mom couldn’t bear it and she made me eat on the 3rd day Night). Nothing changed him. The more troubles I gave more stubborn he was in his decision.

One thing he forgot. I was his daughter. I wanted him to succumb. It was my prestige which was squashed by that junior! Huh!

The next day was Thursday. I went early to school. She was there. We went to the school ground.

Me: I think your dream is gonna come true

She: Oh! No!! BTW how do you know it?

Me: If we plan well, Saturday would be the Day. We will have to start from home. We have no choices left with us

She: Ok. Fine. (Till date, I dunno why she said a Yes when she could have coolly said a No….)

ME: You said we were in a bus and you saw us standing in a beach and that there were rocks. Isn’t it? Madras has a beach. But I have not seen rocks. Do you know which place it was?

Me: Now don’t tell me that its at S’pore (it was S’pore again – I had a crush on S’pore. My neighbor was working there and his son had the latest electronics then)

She: I have seen beaches with rocks in Kerala.

Me: No way. We cannot go to Kerala.

She: Why?

Me: Do you know how long it would take to go to Kerala? BTW, I am a vegetarian, I cannot eat fish. I have heard that every food is served with fish.

She: No Idea, then.

We discussed going to Goa. But she was against it. Don’t you know that in the beaches of Goa no one would be dressed properly? I had to acknowledge. After all, she had been to Goa with her family for the previous summer.

That is when we rounded on Pondicherry.

S4n705h, I wanted to finish this but what to do man...Its becoming a Very loooooooooooooonggggggggg Post. Promise you Buddy. Tomorrow will be the last day for this.....

Now that you all Know ….Part - 2

My lies came to light when I Ran away.....So what happened? Why I ran away to Pondicherry?

You don't understand ? - its that you have not read the part 1. This is it!!!!

I would always be late to school. Not my fault. Dont you all by now know that my parents were away at Singapore? My Grand Ma who cooks slowly is not able to ready me so early….!!! On my way to school I never went to the Stadium to see people playing there!!!

Ok. Fine. Coming back to the post. As usual I went late….There was a practice in my school... (Hope they don’t have it even now) all the late comers to the school were made to wait outside the school gate... If a student is late more than 3 times in a month, he/she would be taken to the HM and they have to give their explanation and a parent signed letter to her.

The tree that I asked you to take note, had a big stone in its shade…The stone was flat on the top. A comfortable seater. I would sit there and sing all the prayer songs sung in the assembly.Have you ever been late to school? If not half of your life has been wasted…The joy of waiting outside and seeing others panic... Waw Waw Waw...I now curse myself for not having a photo of me sitting like that…

I enjoy watching the late comers... Some where first time late comers... some would have come with their parent… The school SPL after the assembly would come to the gate and would enquire. In the primary school the 5th STD students are the Seniors. I was also her class mate and we were buddies. So she would take no notice of me and I would slip in the assembly line.

The scenario changed. One day she was on a leave. Incidentally my class miss was also on a leave that day. The ASPL (shucks yaar!!!), my junior he had a grudge against me... I tripped him once while he was playing football….I did that because he dashed my friend the day before…On that day he came to the gate to meet the late comers.

He had already noted that I had been late almost every day and he was unable to anything as SPL smiled for me and she let me go past him. It was his day anyway.

I was taken to the HM’s room. After seeing the parents and other later comers she saw me finally. He told her that I have been late for more than 3 days.

H.M.: Bee, now tell me why you are regularly irregular?

Me: I don’t have parents.

H.M.: What?

Me: I mean they are away at S’pore and my nanny finds it hard to ready me to school……

(What all stories I could give her with a small little ayyo paavam (How So Sad) face I gave her. More than she would have asked for)

After all those crap she let me go…That a junior making me to go and meet the HM was a sheer insult to my Prestige and Image. Incidentally I was the LDA ( Literary and Debating Association) secretary for the Primary School. If he had a post so do I!!! Huh!!!

A week after this incident, my science teachers girl, who was also my class mate spoke to me in a hush hush tone about a dream she had early in the morning. It is.......

To be continued....

Ho! What a day? or is that Night?

Been to Coimbatore for the Weekend!!! My friends Birthday. Had an amazing time. It was a surprise visit to her place. Like me she is also a nomad. CBE is her work city. She never knew that I would be coming in. The arrangements had been made by one another common friend of ours. I reached CBE around 11.00 pm. Was picked up at the railway station and we drove straight to her hostel. Obviously turning whenever there were turns in the road.
She was the only with whom I had the opportunity to play my pranks...
I was outside her room. Called her at 11.55 pm.

Me: Hai Di!
She: Hi ( Sleepily)
Me: Just called to say Happy Birthday Darling Wife!!( Ho! I forgot to tell you that among us I call her my wife and she calls me her hubby)

She: Thanks Purusha...Any plans coming to CBE?
Me: Nope! ( All this time I was standing outside her room

We were talking then I gently tapped her room door. She was so engrossed in talking to me she didn't hear the knock. I had to tell her that I could hear a knock... She sheepishly got out from her cot.

The corridor was awake with a Zero Watts bulb. Even before she could open the door I left the place. Myself and our other friend burned some incense sticks and snake tablet. As she walked out we made noise from the anklets...

She : Who' that?
She: Is anyone there?
She went to the switch board to switch the Tube light... I made a growl...Uuuuuuuuu....and giggled...
She : Oh No.. Shit..( Went back and closed the door) All the time I was in the phone line
Me: Hey who was that?
She: Dai Purusha am afraid di. I heard a girl walking with an anklet.
Me: Let her wear. Whats your problem?
She: No di. There was no one around

I banged her room door.

She: Ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa
Me: Hey! Cool. Ask who is this?
She: No. I wont am afraid. This thadi maadu ( Big Bull - her colleague) she is sleeping like a pig here...Not waking up..
She: Josh, get up di. Chk who that is. am afraid.
She II: Please di. am sleepy. You chk for yourself. (She knows the plan)

She: Who is that? Am sleeping.
ME: Closed the phone piece. Hai Di Pondatti ( Wife) Its me!!!
She: Bee, some one is standing outside my room door and speaking just like you.
I was banging harder with my leg. Open the door. I say open the door.
Me: Dont be a stupid. Go open the door.
She: No I wont.
ME: Whats happening there. Now dont be afraid dear. Relax. and go open the door.
She: Ho No.
Me: OK. Now open the door. I will stay online and will talk till dawn if you want. Dont worry am there...

There she opened the door. The coloured cake was ready and bang she opened the door. She was in all colours. The rest was all fun from there. And this was one pic which I took after cake cutting....


Now that you all Know ….

That I Ran Away from my home sweet home like a Pepper…………I am gonna take you thru what happened before and after….I was in my 5th Std. then…One of my reasons for eloping was Karate…You all have read this letter... Now over to Flash Back

At a young age going to School was a burden for me. It has always been an unpleasant one…For me only the Saturdays and Sunday were heavenly… No need to see the HM ...No need to promise her that I will abide and obey the rules of School…

One fine day I was sent to my Head Mistress’s room. I should tell you how she looks. She was around 5’-0”. Round. Big Eyes. Pink in colour. With a pure white cassock.

H.M. Bee, do you know why you have been sent here to my room?
Me: Yes sister.
H.M.: Tell me. Why you did that?
Me. I didn’t do anything sister.
H.M.: I hate when kids lie. Tell.
Me: Even I hate when kids lie sister.
H.M.: What? Come again.
Me: Yes sister.
(I went out. Stood near her room entrance)
Me: May I come in Sister?
H.M.: She made a big face. When your class teacher told about you I didn’t believe a word of it. Sigh.
H.M.: I need to see your parents. Ask them to meet me tomorrow. Will you?
Me: Am afraid that isn’t possible sister.
H.M.: (She didn’t say anything but asked me why with her big eyes behind her big framed glasses)
Me: They are not here. It’s that my mom is in Singapore. My dad is working there.
(Ooopss.. I sighed in relief)
H.M.: Who is taking care of you?
Me: My old grand parents’ sister.
(After questioning me further for 15 – 20 mins, I thought she bought my story and let me go)

I have never asked or made my mom or dad come to school... They would be there only for the Parent Teacher Meeting and on parents Day…I was living with them only but for my School they were away in Singapore. You know when my mom came to know of this I thought I would be screwed up…She was happy and relieved. She encouraged me to maintain like that for a long time…

My lies came to light when I Ran away.....So what happened? Why I ran away to Pondicherry?

If Ekta Kapoor can do it ….Why not me? So more to be continued…

Arrey…It cannot be made available on a single post…Puleezzzzz Understand

Note: Well this is the Pic of my Primary School. Its taken from inside. Take a look at the Tree in the left side of the photo. The building seen across the road is the Junior School Building.Happy Kitten, the guy who is standing in front of the Y I dunno who he is.. This Pic I took it from my school website... Believe Me.. Am A Poor Innocent Girl!!!

Its the Chronic Writer this time

I have done it At last!!!!

Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

A half moustache like scar just below my nose and above my left upper lip. Met with an accident lately.

What does your phone look like?

Huh... How do I say... It’s black in colour. It’s made by Nokia. Well, Lemme make it short…it looks like a phone.

What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Yellow Colour Distemper.

What is your current desktop picture?

Hey Chronic Writer! Why on earth you wanted me to put a picture of my Desktop Man? Ooooooopsss

Do you believe in gay marriage?
Should I believe? Huh..... Nope... Its one's own choice anyway

What do you want more than anything right now?

I want more of everything I get.. hmmmmmm but anyway as you have asked … I want to holiday in the beaches of Goa…or go to a hilly area…All Alone… Anyone out there ready to gift me one…

What time were you born?

The time was a bad time for my Dad… ( Monday, 3.25 am)

Are your parents still together?

I have been away from my home for a long now. But whenever I go home, I see them living under the same roof and still sharing the same room together……

Last person who made you cry?

The man I love

What is your favorite perfume / cologne?

MTV - Flutter

What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Is hair in the head a must for my opposite sex for me to like?

Eye colour - Black or Brown

What are you listening to?

The sound of my AC

Do you get scared of the dark?


Do you like pain killers?


Are you too shy to ask someone out?

All the guys whom I have asked out were busy always..

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Can I have a drink instead of eating? If so, Hot Kaapi. If I should eat........then I would prefer Hot Cheese Omlette...

Who was the last person who made you mad?

I was guessing.. who that could be. How could anyone make me mad further? No way…

Who was the last person who made you smile?

Chackooo - My room Mate

Now why not I tag some one?

5 instances where you uncontrollably controlled yourself
The Loose control Man

10 more things that you celebrate
The lady who celebrates the Light of a Candle

One reason : Why are you THE MAHATMA?
The Mahatma who seeks a kiss on his glass