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The Cartoon below is the Cover for the latest Tamil Monthly Thuglak run by Mr.Cho. Ramaswamy... A Man know for his Satires.

If you are unable to understand or read Tamil, then here goes the Translation

MMS: Thanks. Thank you for saying that I would be the PM of INDIA, if we are elected again.

SG: Well, the doctors have advised complete rest for you after the Surgery and you cannot & should not do any work. That's why.


What Politics can do to Rahul Gandhi touted to be the Future Leader ....errrr.... PM of INDIA !!!!

Am not on a

Hiatus again, Nor am I too engrossed to write a post ... but the reason for my silence is that I lost 2 lives whom I loved a lot .... They are my Thaatha and Paati... He left us all in December ...She quickly followed him.... the fulcrum of my life... the most strong willed lady whom I have ever come across left me just a couple of days back.......

Am just so anxious to speak to her... I want to see the smile in her face... She sould not have left me like this... Nope.. she had to go.. the time had come for her.. she missed her man so much. With whom she had spent 64 years of marital bliss... YES! They lived happily for over 64 years....

I have always seen my thaatha going behind her... saying Sorry, pleading with her to eat her pills, wondering if she would forgive him and give him his evening coffee!!! She was like that... Their romance was so obvious... I have told her a thousand times that I envy her... My thaatha was so stuck by her and with her...

With her kidneys not supporting totally, even when she was in great pain, she would happily sit for him, before him for hours together... for she knew her man would suffer more if she complains of a little head ache..

She waited for him to leave, she followed as always.... She suffered a lot during her last days... I wish by this time she had seen her love, her life in whichever world they are now.... Hope she is now united with him...

Where are You?

Am asking those who spoke in length and breadth, who wrote long posts about the stupid men who over powered women and nun in Orissa!!! Who spoke in volumes about the sanctity. Let you not be mis quoted that am against religion or any beliefs.

I don't speak secularism. I am not secular. At the same time am not prejudiced. If something is wrong then its wrong. His/Her belief doesn't bother me.

I say this, because for I know all those who speak so much about equality and secularism are only but pseudo secularists. If all I have learnt and understood is true and correct, then I known only One Secularist and he is E.V.R.

Why am I looking for the Evangelists, the catholics, the baptists now? For am seeking a honest answer from them for this Former Sister Jesmi.

What was the one mistake she did? She joined the congregation. Was it a heinous decision that she took? Does wanting to serve the God means adjusting the Church Heads?

AR Rahman, Resul Pookutty, Pinki, Gulzar

Thanks.... Thank you so much.... The One Billion Indians are happy for you all ... When you got your Oscars and recognition on an International platform I only had to remember our Pledge...

"All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters" As a fellow citizen, I was happy, overjoyed and on Cloud Nine....

Now when all of us are basking in the glory of their Victory, you would be shocked to read the Wishes sent out by the honorable CM of Tamilnadu

"இசை என்றாலே தமிழில் புகழ் என்றுதான் பொருள். அந்தப் பொருளுக்கு ஏற்ப பூத்து, மலர்ந்து, புகழ் பெருக்கி இன்று சிகரத்துக்கே சென்று, சிரித்த முகத்தோடு நம்முடைய வாழ்த்தக்களைப் பெறுகிற, சென்னையில் பிறந்த செல்வன் ஏ.ஆர்.ரகுமான். இவருக்குக் கிடைத்துள்ள ஆஸ்கார் விருதுகள் கண்டு முத்தமிழே முறுவலிக்கிறது.

"சிறுபான்மை சமுதயாத்தைச் சேர்ந்த இந்தச் செல்வம் இன்று ஆஸ்கர் விருதுகளைப் பெற்றதன் மூலம் தரணி வாழ் கலைஞர்கள் உள்ளத்தில் எல்லாம் இடம் பெற்றுவிட்டார்.

The highlighted wish translates as " Though being a minority, you AR Rahman the wealth of TN by winning the Oscar, you have taken a special place in everyone's heart across the Globe"

A question to the CM: Why should you wish him like this? You could have better taken rest in your hospital bed than saying this.

What do I say?

I know Indians.. esp the South Indians go frenzy about their Matinee Idol.. but this one was byfar too much to digest... Last Week I had been to Chennai and this is what I saw in the Alwarpet Signal.

Well for your benefit let me spell out what's been written there

Muthamizh Aringarin Mootha Magan M.K.Muthu avargalin Pudhalvan M.K.MArivunidh avargal " PERUMAL" padathil paadiya "Kaadhal Vaibogame" Remix paadal ulagengum kaettu magizha manamara vaazhthugirom
Ippadikku Agila Ulaga Arivunidhi Rasigargal Narpani Manram

For those who cannot understand what it is, it roughly translates as

" Shri. Shri. Shri. M.Karunanidhi eldest son M.K. Muthu and his loving son and the grand son of shri. M.Karunanidhi, Mr. M.K.M Arivunidhi has sung his first song Kaadhal Vaibogame ( remix) in the Movie "Perumal". We the ardent fans of him wish the Song a great success.

Your Truly: Arivunidhi's world wide fan and welfare association.

Now tell me what do I have to say for this?

Pink Chaddis!!!! Oooops! Chee! hmmm ... it sucks...

This is what I feel and I felt when I first learnt about Pink Chaddi Campaign. What do I have to say for this? If the whole of India wants to send some stupid goons Chaddis its their choice. But what do they achieve by doing this? Do they think that they can bring the great Culutral and Heritage Saviour of India, Shri Shri. Shri. Muthalik to knees? If all you want to do is to humiliate them, being a women myself I would say If I were to recieve something as Stupid and Insulting as this, I would be disturbed only for the first few days or hours and thats it.... But in the coming days, it would just pass....

The man who knows so much about culture, is now getting your recognition by sending these many. They were names whom we should have erased and who are not worth any recognition, in any form, now he is getting a free publicity. Thank to all those "Consortium of Pub going, Loose and Forward Women"

There have been more atrocities against women than these. May I please know, where have you girls been when there were more prominent and disgusting human rights violations happened?

Why have you not sent frogs or something to that effect to parents and to the villagers here. Do you know that for every 1 minute more than a 1000 women get abused - physically & mentally either by their own people or from some unknown stupid idiot in some form?

Where were you when 2 girls where molested in a road on New Year's eve? What kind of protest did you all lead when the molesters where arrested and when a few where let free?

May I take that you have started this campaign because PUB is a place where you visit and just because you feel insecured, you have started this andolan? Why should I not say this?

Do you atleast know that there are women and children who do not get good, safe drinking water? Now you are saying that women should hit the PUB to show your protest. Funny eh :)

Am extremely sorry if your Standing up for Woman is questioned by someone who is as insipid as me. Maybe, am not as Feministic as you are.

To be honest with you, am more angry than what you girls are. Please tell me what have you achieved by sending Chaddis to them? Why have you not thought about coming to streets, organising protest across India on the same time, same day?

There's no wrong in showing or registering your anger. But how you show it is more important. We need to learn from Gandhi - his Satyagraha. Why not all of you plan to meet or organise your protest against those goons opposit their office. Why not a silent march from the Pub where it all started, to the Collectors office or to the District Head's office?

I was more worried when our honourable Minister for Women welfare says "Pub Bharo". Does asking Women to goto a Pub and raise a toast to all the Women beaten black and blue solve their pains? When a Minister says this, its really worrying. What happened to our honourable Health Minister? What is his stand on "Pub Bharo"?

Now here are a few questions to the most Cultured Men Folk of India:

Sir, being a women I totally understand your worry about the Indian Culutre getting diluted. You worry about the girls taking to alcohol.
Now, having read a little about our culutre and tradition,

1. Please show me where it has been mentioned that it is righteous for men to drink and women to be a victim of abuse hurled to them by drunkards?

2. If you are so angry at girls taking to drinks, has it ever been atleast slightly suggested that men drinking liquor is part of our Culture? Why should the men not be beaten up sir?

3. Also, Why have you not chosen to raid the manufaturers of liquor? Why not the liquor barins sir? If you are getting your donations from any of te barons, am sorry sir. In that case, liquor manufacturing is a part and parcel of our culture sir.

4. Or, are you afraid to raid them Sir? IF you are not, then please give a nation wide call, then all those innocent hapless victims of drunkard husbands would help you in the protest.

5. Sir, I completely agree that girls have to wear saree, as that is our culture. Isn't dhotis and kurtas dress code culture for men? That is what I read sir. Correct me if am wrong.

6. Sir, also after when your goons gave us a teaching in the Mangalore, I tried to recollect where in our culture it has been mentioned that the most sensible thing is to beat girls?

7. Don't you atleast now feel a little embarassed after having recieve so many chaddis from women from a select group of women sire?

I know you would not. For it has been bestowed upon you by God to protect the Cultural values of India , in India.


and its Tamils are part of the state and culture of the now existing Srilanka. How many ever Rajapakse's come this fact cannot be erased.

A few questions:
Is this post supporting LTTE?
No. I am a staunch, devout believer of Gandhi. He is my cult figure. I am up in arms against any forms of violence. However valid and correct reasons you have.

Is this post against Srilanka?
No. I hate the Government. Not the people.

Does this post support seperate Eelam (State) for the Tamils?
I leave it to you.
I am not going to write anything about the ongoing war at Srilanka. The war crimes are so bad that am not even ready to copy paste from where I had read.

Every one of us know that the Tamils living in Srilanka now, whose ancestors are Indians.
So why did they go there? They went to make a living out of the Tea Estates and rubber estates at Ceylon then. If they had gone there, only to work, is it right on their part to demand a separate country?No. They would not have demanded, had they not been suppressed and suppressed and suppressed all their lives. Had they not been denied equality in their own country for whose economy they work. Had they not been denied higher positions to the deserving Tamil (for the Sinhalese considered and still believe that Tamils are Slave).

Why did they leave their home land and go to Ceylon in the first place?
That is where we will have to revisit History. The Britishers, who were good at divide and rule did their best in Ceylon too.

When they saw the Nature's blessing in abundance their quest to acquire new territory for Her Highness rose to great heights.

They applied their Divide and Rule formula... it didn't have an immediate effect which they wanted.

If the whole of Ceylon was practicing Buddhism, who & how did they Divide there?
Rich and Poor. Business Class and Working Class. It was true that they did not have any positive and immediate results but in the due course they made inroads.

They found the Indians, the Tamils in the coastal very promising to be taken there as labourers or bonded labourers.

Poor Tamils of Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Thirunelveli were lured with a job and good pay packets along with food and shelter.

OUR ANCESTORS FELL PREY TO IT... So the Tamils at last migrated to Srilanka as labourers.

Let me continue this post.. till then, I only seek you guys to think about the cause... their loss... their pain...

A Complete Change over

is gonna happen in this place. I just wanna know if you guys would like it. Let me spell it put. This will always be Honey Bee's Blog. But will not be confined to the Funny, Funnier, Funniest things in the life of this Bee.

As the tag line suggests, this will be a Space where I would discuss about anything and everything. My Take on things I deem right, left, front and back.

The space will carry its fun and satire. Hope you stay put with my make over. If you can't then it either means you have been addicted to Funny Reads or you don't care anyways. let me opt for the first one.

Please do bear with me.

This post is a

Reproduction of this by Mad Momma

We, the bloggers…

… are not going to be silenced.

After a long time I blog with a very heavy heart. We’ve spoken about mainstream media robbing images and ideas and plagiarising from blogs. But this takes the cake. Mainstream media targets a single blogger for his opinion of their reporting. This considering not just the blogosphere but many senior print journalists, including Vir Sanghvi, condemned the coverage. But they don’t have the courage to take on a name like Vir Sanghvi. No sirree… Lets pick on the small guy instead.

And so they took umbrage at Mr C Kunte’s post and made him withdraw and apologise. It’s in the cache right now - I suggest we all talk about it. Copy it, keep it somewhere safe, where they can’t get to it and pull it out once in a while when we want to mourn the death of freedom of expression.

Chyetanya, you’re not alone. We’re with you. All the way.
As are:



Goofy Mumma






Comic Project




And there are many more links. Please trail back to MM's space to read more on this.

I strongly urge, request and beseech you to read each blogger because they’ve all made such varied and relevant points.

You could also fill up this simple form Aditya has created, telling it as it is.

Meanwhile Suraj here, said what I wanted to - that it was a sad Republic Day this year. On the one hand you had the violent moral police taking away your right to a beer at the pub. And on the other hand you had a big bully taking away your right to an opinion and freedom of speech.

What to say

The day has started well and the weather now is just apt for a long drive....

Am all set to kick my boss A** and leave but can't!!! :(

Don ask me if he reads this space, for I know he reads it just to chk. if i have any words of appreciation for him....

For the day, I have something to share with you which I read in Chinmayi's blog

En mael kallai eriyaadhe, veedu katti viduven;
Enaku thee vaikkadhe, en veettirkku dheepam aetri viduven;
Ennai thurathaadhe en ilakkai seekkiram adaindhu viduven;
Enakku visham kodukkadhe naan Neelakanthan aagividuven"

If you don't understand Tamil it roughly translates to

Do not pelt me with stones, for I will use them to build a house
Do not set me afire, for I will light up my home
Do not chase me, for I will reach my goal faster
Do not hand me poison, for I will become NeelakanTha.

hmmmmmmmmmm that's it for the day.... gotta go... BOSS is waiting for the Devil... cant afford to make him wait anymore....

Pissed and Pissed Off

Have you ever felt pissed off? I do not mean to say have you ever had the urge to Pee, but I mean... do u feel like pissing at a situation? Now count the no. of times you had wanted to Piss off!

I know some of you had wanted to piss in your Boss's face... that's not good. Ok. This one year of hiding had taught me that I should never think something on those lines.... I have learnt to piss whenever I had the urge to Piss in my boss's face. Promise. Period.

Now after all this pissing around, let me come to the post. Long long ago, so long ago and I know how long ago I was locked inside a room. A 10 x 15 room with windows facing the empty plot behind our house. This happened when I was 25 years old. (Don't ask me whether those who did this to me, took a revenge on me. For, till this day I have the same doubt and those whom I doubt swear by god that it was an accident.)

A few of my relatives had landed in our home sweet home for a relative's wedding. I was already angry with them for they carried no gifts for me but only for the bride. Add to it, their daughters were adorned by my mom as if they were Godsend. Aarrgh. The elders left to the Marriage venue which was very close to my house. We the so called younger ones were to leave the home on time.

All I did was went upstairs as per my mom's instruction. She wanted me to check if the lights and fan have been switched off. I went. I checked. and I was far away from the visibility of the doors entrance and was eating some goodies I had smuggled from my mom.

Knowingly or unknowingly, someone ( till date no one is ready to confess even after several scrutiny) came. Closed the door locked and left. I, all the time assumed it was the wind that blew the door. 10 mins from then I tried opening the door. Gosh! It was locked.

I mean the door was locked and all of the other monkeys had left by then. I banged and banged and banged. All in vain.

That is when I understood the meaning of feeling pissed off. Adding more oil to the fume, my bowels got full and I had to Pee. Immediately. What do I do? There's no way anyone is going to come home. For sure my mom and dad would not go in search of me. I can bet my head on this.

As the seconds passed to minutes and minutes to a hour, I was struggling. One more minute, I know my urinary system and all the controls I had on it till then is gonna break. That's when I took the toughest decision in my life. I went to the corner of the room. Peed.

After almost 2 hours, my relatives, my parents and the rest of the monkeys ( inclusive of my kid sister and the other 2 girls) came home. They laughed. Laughed and laughed their hearts, stomach, kidney and liver out.

Oops. Now stop giggling. Nope. Don't... Don't smile. Okay, Be good. Be decent. Else go Piss off!!!

I Am Back

almost after a year...... nope .. i was not hibernating... I thought of not writing anymore... but you guys are in for a bad luck start of this year... I have decided to be active and kill you all for good....

So, what have I been doing all these days... initially I had my job which kept me occupied ( that means you guys were wasting your time around, hopping from one blog to the other and i was working real hard!!!)........ As days went by, I lost interest... I called it Quits...

Watch this column till the time I come back with something real good... In the meantime listen to this one from Beatles... my all time favourite - Here Comes the Sun