Now that you all Know …. THE END

Though we rounded on Pondicherry, we had serious doubts on how long it would take. Whether we should take food for the travel or not. Never once it occurred to us about the monetary part!!! We even argued where to stay!!! I right from the start put my foot and said that it would be my aunt’s place else we are not leaving.

Saturdays were holidays for us at School. We cannot go on any other day but for Saturday and Sunday. I gave no qualms at my home. I told my mom on Friday that I had to overlook the dance program for the Parents Day. That was my reason and my mom bought it. I was under the constant scrutiny of my dad, so I reminded her about me going to school only after he left for office. Who else would know my shenanigans better than my dad?

On the contrary, she cannot say the same excuse to her mom. For her, she was going to one of our friend Nal’s house. She was offered to be dropped. Somehow she managed to come on her own.

All said and done we made it.

The D-Day : SATURDAY Time: 10.00 am Money in Hand: Rs. 100 + 100 !!!

My role as the leader of the two started once we met. We went to a Temple to seek Blessings. Though she was from another belief, the secularist in her followed me to temple. We prayed. We left our BSA bicycles at the stand and went to the Main Bus Stand.

We didn’t know where the Pondy bus Stops or Starts.

Time Keeper’s Office

Me: Uncle, my amma wants to know where we can board the Pondy Bus.

He: Huh! Go there ( he moved his hand and showed the place).

Me: Thanks Uncle

Me: Hey! Come. The bus is there

She: Ok. Come.

We got a comfortable seating. It was a 3 seater. I was kind enough to give her the Window seater.Then came the trouble. A family of 5 occupied near and behind us. All our way they spoke to us.

He Man: ( That is how he looked – Was sitting behind us) Bee do you want biscuit?

Me: No Uncle

He Man: For you dear?

She: No thanks Uncle.( We had told them that we were sisters) Amma has asked us not to eat outside.

Old Lady: Children, aren’t you afraid to travel alone?

Me: No Dhaddhi, we had even traveled in Flight up and down alone. You know, last summer we had been to S’pore!!! (I never knew that they were keeping us occupied and collecting details from us)

Conductor: Ticket dear for you two

She: 2 for Pondicherry

Me: Uncle 2 half Tickets

She: Yes. Yes. 2 half tickets.

The Bus Stand Came. Only then fear gripped me. I dunno how she felt. It was 7.00pm. Only then did it strike what I had done. All I knew was my aunt’s address. Didn’t know how to go from there. Right or Left. East or West. I was Blank.

They didn’t let us go. The He-Man family. His sister and his wife started talking to us. The Toddler was asleep in the old lady’s arms. He left us both with them and went somewhere. I saw him talking to somebody. He had actually spoken to them, had given his address had literally begged to take us with him. He didn't want us to let go like that.

I didn't know any of this. I nudged Jose and told her. If ever he tries to sell us or kidnap us, we will jump off. I will pinch you. Both of us will jump together and will run. We will somehow manage to go to my aunts place.

She: Ok. Fine. As you say. Am hungry.

Me: Don’t worry. Anyway they have to go home. Cannot be with us for long. I will get something for you.

He then hailed a taxi. The old lady should have heard our plan. She put us in the middle. She and her daughter sat either side of us.

After that what? Haan... he took us to his home. Gave us food. The funniest part is, they had non veg to give us. I sighed and said No. He went out and bought dosa for me.

He took my aunts address and left. Later I came to know that when he went, they were not there. He had left a message to their neighbor. My uncle and aunt came rushing. My aunt I think fainted seeing me there. More to it the Toddler was awake and I was playing.

After that… Nothing… Her parents came. My parents came. That was the first time ever I remember my Dad kicking me. Never knew he would dare enough play football with his girl as a Ball.

After a weeks time, I came back Home. To my Home Sweet Home.

On the second day before Jose left with her parents, we went to beach. We stood there. Holding Hands. Realising her early morning dream come true. I hoped that my father would put me in Karate Class...It is still a dream......

Now that you all Know ….Part - 3

A week after that incident, my science teachers girl, who was also my class mate spoke to me in a hush hush tone about a dream she had early in the morning. It was a Wednesday. And this is what happened.......

Well she dreamt that both of us were traveling all alone. She said that in her dreams she saw beach and rocks. And that we were standing there. I was stumped. What do I have to say?

Me: Are you sure it was me?

She: yes. Am damn sure.

Me: What do we do now? The dreams which you get in early hours would become true. Oh! God No. ( I was a biggie then)

She: Am afraid.

Me: ( I never said Me too though I was )… ummmm do one thing; don’t discuss this to anyone

She: Am sorry. I never knew that I would have such wild dreams. And put you also in deep trouble.

Me: Its okay. Lets see whats happening. Lets hope for the Best.

(Inside my mind: What will happen if this dream turns out to be true? I was bewildered.)

Later that day, the ASPL was taking his bicycle from the stand. No one was around. My time had come. May be that was what I thought. He didn’t notice me. I went and kicked him hard on his butt……

Phew! The boy fell down! I was overwhelmed with joy. Hastily he got up.

ASPL: Why did you do that?

Me: Hmmmm just like that…… Ha ha aaaaa

ASPL: Then, Fishk Fishk Fishk……… He moved his hands in the air and took the nerve out of me.. No. He didn’t hit me.

I was startled.

ASPL: This is Karate. One blow and you are off……He took his cycle and went.

SO that was it. How could he do that? That too to his senior. If he knows Karate, then I will also learn it.

I confronted my Dad. Asked him to put me in a Karate Class.

Dad: Who? You? You don’t want us to be alive? (I still remember the way he looked at me)

The whole of the following week was very pathetic for me. Just unbearable then. I cried. I begged. I protested. I hid his bike key. Tried to puncture the tyre when he started it with the second key. Went on a Fasting for 3 days. (My mom couldn’t bear it and she made me eat on the 3rd day Night). Nothing changed him. The more troubles I gave more stubborn he was in his decision.

One thing he forgot. I was his daughter. I wanted him to succumb. It was my prestige which was squashed by that junior! Huh!

The next day was Thursday. I went early to school. She was there. We went to the school ground.

Me: I think your dream is gonna come true

She: Oh! No!! BTW how do you know it?

Me: If we plan well, Saturday would be the Day. We will have to start from home. We have no choices left with us

She: Ok. Fine. (Till date, I dunno why she said a Yes when she could have coolly said a No….)

ME: You said we were in a bus and you saw us standing in a beach and that there were rocks. Isn’t it? Madras has a beach. But I have not seen rocks. Do you know which place it was?

Me: Now don’t tell me that its at S’pore (it was S’pore again – I had a crush on S’pore. My neighbor was working there and his son had the latest electronics then)

She: I have seen beaches with rocks in Kerala.

Me: No way. We cannot go to Kerala.

She: Why?

Me: Do you know how long it would take to go to Kerala? BTW, I am a vegetarian, I cannot eat fish. I have heard that every food is served with fish.

She: No Idea, then.

We discussed going to Goa. But she was against it. Don’t you know that in the beaches of Goa no one would be dressed properly? I had to acknowledge. After all, she had been to Goa with her family for the previous summer.

That is when we rounded on Pondicherry.

S4n705h, I wanted to finish this but what to do man...Its becoming a Very loooooooooooooonggggggggg Post. Promise you Buddy. Tomorrow will be the last day for this.....

Now that you all Know ….Part - 2

My lies came to light when I Ran away.....So what happened? Why I ran away to Pondicherry?

You don't understand ? - its that you have not read the part 1. This is it!!!!

I would always be late to school. Not my fault. Dont you all by now know that my parents were away at Singapore? My Grand Ma who cooks slowly is not able to ready me so early….!!! On my way to school I never went to the Stadium to see people playing there!!!

Ok. Fine. Coming back to the post. As usual I went late….There was a practice in my school... (Hope they don’t have it even now) all the late comers to the school were made to wait outside the school gate... If a student is late more than 3 times in a month, he/she would be taken to the HM and they have to give their explanation and a parent signed letter to her.

The tree that I asked you to take note, had a big stone in its shade…The stone was flat on the top. A comfortable seater. I would sit there and sing all the prayer songs sung in the assembly.Have you ever been late to school? If not half of your life has been wasted…The joy of waiting outside and seeing others panic... Waw Waw Waw...I now curse myself for not having a photo of me sitting like that…

I enjoy watching the late comers... Some where first time late comers... some would have come with their parent… The school SPL after the assembly would come to the gate and would enquire. In the primary school the 5th STD students are the Seniors. I was also her class mate and we were buddies. So she would take no notice of me and I would slip in the assembly line.

The scenario changed. One day she was on a leave. Incidentally my class miss was also on a leave that day. The ASPL (shucks yaar!!!), my junior he had a grudge against me... I tripped him once while he was playing football….I did that because he dashed my friend the day before…On that day he came to the gate to meet the late comers.

He had already noted that I had been late almost every day and he was unable to anything as SPL smiled for me and she let me go past him. It was his day anyway.

I was taken to the HM’s room. After seeing the parents and other later comers she saw me finally. He told her that I have been late for more than 3 days.

H.M.: Bee, now tell me why you are regularly irregular?

Me: I don’t have parents.

H.M.: What?

Me: I mean they are away at S’pore and my nanny finds it hard to ready me to school……

(What all stories I could give her with a small little ayyo paavam (How So Sad) face I gave her. More than she would have asked for)

After all those crap she let me go…That a junior making me to go and meet the HM was a sheer insult to my Prestige and Image. Incidentally I was the LDA ( Literary and Debating Association) secretary for the Primary School. If he had a post so do I!!! Huh!!!

A week after this incident, my science teachers girl, who was also my class mate spoke to me in a hush hush tone about a dream she had early in the morning. It is.......

To be continued....

Ho! What a day? or is that Night?

Been to Coimbatore for the Weekend!!! My friends Birthday. Had an amazing time. It was a surprise visit to her place. Like me she is also a nomad. CBE is her work city. She never knew that I would be coming in. The arrangements had been made by one another common friend of ours. I reached CBE around 11.00 pm. Was picked up at the railway station and we drove straight to her hostel. Obviously turning whenever there were turns in the road.
She was the only with whom I had the opportunity to play my pranks...
I was outside her room. Called her at 11.55 pm.

Me: Hai Di!
She: Hi ( Sleepily)
Me: Just called to say Happy Birthday Darling Wife!!( Ho! I forgot to tell you that among us I call her my wife and she calls me her hubby)

She: Thanks Purusha...Any plans coming to CBE?
Me: Nope! ( All this time I was standing outside her room

We were talking then I gently tapped her room door. She was so engrossed in talking to me she didn't hear the knock. I had to tell her that I could hear a knock... She sheepishly got out from her cot.

The corridor was awake with a Zero Watts bulb. Even before she could open the door I left the place. Myself and our other friend burned some incense sticks and snake tablet. As she walked out we made noise from the anklets...

She : Who' that?
She: Is anyone there?
She went to the switch board to switch the Tube light... I made a growl...Uuuuuuuuu....and giggled...
She : Oh No.. Shit..( Went back and closed the door) All the time I was in the phone line
Me: Hey who was that?
She: Dai Purusha am afraid di. I heard a girl walking with an anklet.
Me: Let her wear. Whats your problem?
She: No di. There was no one around

I banged her room door.

She: Ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa
Me: Hey! Cool. Ask who is this?
She: No. I wont am afraid. This thadi maadu ( Big Bull - her colleague) she is sleeping like a pig here...Not waking up..
She: Josh, get up di. Chk who that is. am afraid.
She II: Please di. am sleepy. You chk for yourself. (She knows the plan)

She: Who is that? Am sleeping.
ME: Closed the phone piece. Hai Di Pondatti ( Wife) Its me!!!
She: Bee, some one is standing outside my room door and speaking just like you.
I was banging harder with my leg. Open the door. I say open the door.
Me: Dont be a stupid. Go open the door.
She: No I wont.
ME: Whats happening there. Now dont be afraid dear. Relax. and go open the door.
She: Ho No.
Me: OK. Now open the door. I will stay online and will talk till dawn if you want. Dont worry am there...

There she opened the door. The coloured cake was ready and bang she opened the door. She was in all colours. The rest was all fun from there. And this was one pic which I took after cake cutting....


Now that you all Know ….

That I Ran Away from my home sweet home like a Pepper…………I am gonna take you thru what happened before and after….I was in my 5th Std. then…One of my reasons for eloping was Karate…You all have read this letter... Now over to Flash Back

At a young age going to School was a burden for me. It has always been an unpleasant one…For me only the Saturdays and Sunday were heavenly… No need to see the HM ...No need to promise her that I will abide and obey the rules of School…

One fine day I was sent to my Head Mistress’s room. I should tell you how she looks. She was around 5’-0”. Round. Big Eyes. Pink in colour. With a pure white cassock.

H.M. Bee, do you know why you have been sent here to my room?
Me: Yes sister.
H.M.: Tell me. Why you did that?
Me. I didn’t do anything sister.
H.M.: I hate when kids lie. Tell.
Me: Even I hate when kids lie sister.
H.M.: What? Come again.
Me: Yes sister.
(I went out. Stood near her room entrance)
Me: May I come in Sister?
H.M.: She made a big face. When your class teacher told about you I didn’t believe a word of it. Sigh.
H.M.: I need to see your parents. Ask them to meet me tomorrow. Will you?
Me: Am afraid that isn’t possible sister.
H.M.: (She didn’t say anything but asked me why with her big eyes behind her big framed glasses)
Me: They are not here. It’s that my mom is in Singapore. My dad is working there.
(Ooopss.. I sighed in relief)
H.M.: Who is taking care of you?
Me: My old grand parents’ sister.
(After questioning me further for 15 – 20 mins, I thought she bought my story and let me go)

I have never asked or made my mom or dad come to school... They would be there only for the Parent Teacher Meeting and on parents Day…I was living with them only but for my School they were away in Singapore. You know when my mom came to know of this I thought I would be screwed up…She was happy and relieved. She encouraged me to maintain like that for a long time…

My lies came to light when I Ran away.....So what happened? Why I ran away to Pondicherry?

If Ekta Kapoor can do it ….Why not me? So more to be continued…

Arrey…It cannot be made available on a single post…Puleezzzzz Understand

Note: Well this is the Pic of my Primary School. Its taken from inside. Take a look at the Tree in the left side of the photo. The building seen across the road is the Junior School Building.Happy Kitten, the guy who is standing in front of the Y I dunno who he is.. This Pic I took it from my school website... Believe Me.. Am A Poor Innocent Girl!!!

Its the Chronic Writer this time

I have done it At last!!!!

Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

A half moustache like scar just below my nose and above my left upper lip. Met with an accident lately.

What does your phone look like?

Huh... How do I say... It’s black in colour. It’s made by Nokia. Well, Lemme make it short…it looks like a phone.

What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Yellow Colour Distemper.

What is your current desktop picture?

Hey Chronic Writer! Why on earth you wanted me to put a picture of my Desktop Man? Ooooooopsss

Do you believe in gay marriage?
Should I believe? Huh..... Nope... Its one's own choice anyway

What do you want more than anything right now?

I want more of everything I get.. hmmmmmm but anyway as you have asked … I want to holiday in the beaches of Goa…or go to a hilly area…All Alone… Anyone out there ready to gift me one…

What time were you born?

The time was a bad time for my Dad… ( Monday, 3.25 am)

Are your parents still together?

I have been away from my home for a long now. But whenever I go home, I see them living under the same roof and still sharing the same room together……

Last person who made you cry?

The man I love

What is your favorite perfume / cologne?

MTV - Flutter

What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Is hair in the head a must for my opposite sex for me to like?

Eye colour - Black or Brown

What are you listening to?

The sound of my AC

Do you get scared of the dark?


Do you like pain killers?


Are you too shy to ask someone out?

All the guys whom I have asked out were busy always..

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Can I have a drink instead of eating? If so, Hot Kaapi. If I should eat........then I would prefer Hot Cheese Omlette...

Who was the last person who made you mad?

I was guessing.. who that could be. How could anyone make me mad further? No way…

Who was the last person who made you smile?

Chackooo - My room Mate

Now why not I tag some one?

5 instances where you uncontrollably controlled yourself
The Loose control Man

10 more things that you celebrate
The lady who celebrates the Light of a Candle

One reason : Why are you THE MAHATMA?
The Mahatma who seeks a kiss on his glass

Dad wrote to me....

When I celebrated my 20th Birthday. Given below is the letter … When I was surfing thru my old letters, I got this. I decided to post it. BTW for you all to send your wishes and Gifts my Birthday falls on March 5th every year. But for your convenience I refer to you that I also celebrate Monthly Birthdays....

My dear girl,

This is your dad. Am I proud in saying so? I don’t know. If you feel that you have mad me proud on many occasions, please stop day dreaming.

This was the day 20 years before you were born. I never knew that this would be the most disastrous day in my life. I never thought that a rainy night will be rewarded with such a girl after nine months. Even during your birth you made me lose my sleep. You were born at 3.35 am.

At first like any new parent I was very happy. Happier for having a girl baby. We (I and your Mom) had our fights only after you were born. From choosing a name to everything…. WE never thought that a girl baby would be that exhilarating…

I still remember how I took you in my hands and the call I got. The call said that I was transferred to Baroda. Till date I don’t know whether it was my good or bad luck. But, whenever I called your mom, you would be sleepy. Occasionally you would be awake. All you would do is gurgle. Whenever I heard your gurgles, I would either miss my Train or my bike would get punctured or it would rain heavily. I had always convinced myself that it was a pure coincidence and nothing related to you.

Whenever your mom complaints about you, I would glib her. My troubles started after I came back home and after putting you in School. I still wonder how could a kid just 4 yrs could be so notorious. You wouldn’t remember what all you did.. like say ( ……….Sorry yaar have to edit this portion)

Later, when your mom was away for your sis birth, I was left with you. I don’t have words to express or to share the entire pathetic episode. Even when my dad died, I didn’t cry my dear child.

And in your Fifth STD you did something which I had always wanted to do and have not got the guts to do. You boarded a bus to Pondicherry to your Aunts house along with your friend. You RAN AWAY dear pepper … That too for what….? That we did not put you thru’ Karate class!!!! That was also the time when Telephone was not widely used. And the message we sent to everyone informing your absence….Poor Aunt of yours she was shocked to the core when she saw you at her door at 10.00 pm…She was hospitalized…

After that incident, everyone, right from my brother to your grand parents said that you would be a good one after you grow….As the age grew, my troubles also increased. I still pity your mother who would come running to your school to meet your Class Teacher, or the Head Master or the Principal or some of your class mates parents…

When you were in you 12th STD, I was away on an official tour. Four guys bigger than you by 2 or 3 years came home with hockey sticks searching for you. Your mom spoke to them, begged them, convinced them and sent them back . They had been there, to kill you. For you had injured one of their friend with a hockey stick. If I think of that incident I still remember your mom crying. Do you know once we even thought of poisoning you….? But cursed myself for having such a thought in the Gandhi’s Land!!! But hasn’t he said that if a calf is in pain, mercy killing is welcome?

You have made us happy whenever you came First in some competition. But if you happen to lose (that happens because of the so called partiality, at least that is what you claim) we at home - your mom, your sis and myself we would all be waiting at the gate for you. Praying silently for the Competition’s Judge.

All the happier moments that you gave us were all short livened ones. Even till date we at home keep our fingers crossed while you go out. For fear that you would walk in with some trouble.

My dear child, you have had a comfortable and cool 20 yrs of life. You have enjoyed watching us cry in agony. Let bygones be bygones, I wish to seek your support in making our life peaceful.

Praying for Peace and as always for your good health,

Yours Lovingly,



Men.....Every where!!!!

Do yo plan to buy a tread Mill? Beware!!!!


Am trying to write a post after a brief hiatus....
OOOOOOOOOpppppppppppppppsssssssssss I never knew that I will be at such a loss of words.. Had been to Madurai for a family function.... My Sis got engaged...Lucky she is!!!

Incidentally, the groom is a silent reader of this Blog....I appreciate your guts to go by your decision even after knowing that you have a Sis-in-Law like me....

He is in Emirates.You know, he has asked me what I need when he comes back...Normally the simple bee in me cannot accept gifts.. but my boy, as you still insist, please check my Wish list for

Therefore I present to you....The much coveted award of this Century

A troubled man he is...A girl friend toooooooooo busy who is not ready to spend her weekend with him.... A guy in his office is not ready to believe that he could get calls from girls....a guy who is tooooooo busy in is office..........pity this Guy... I therefore take pride in awarding and honoring the Chit Chat Geek S4n705h....

S4n70h, as promised to you I have made the post and you are the stamp on it....

S4n705h, I tried my level best to post a good one on you....I could only manage this much...A small suggestion... Next time check whether your call has got cut. I could hear you snoring for 3 full hrs after we said Bubai ( Now don't blink what Bubai is...? it is Bye Bye)


Pssst.. am out of station.. will be back tomorrow or at the earliest by Thursady.. till that time.....Nothing....

The next Post is on S4n705h...Remember I promised a post on him? I called him yesterday, he was in his office busy sleeping...
After trying half an hour atlast I managed to wake him

Me: Is this S4n705h?
He: Who? hmmmmm yeah haaaaaaaaaaaaaa itz me
Me: Can I speak?
He: You just spoke.. Right? Why do you ask me?
Me: Oh! am sorry I forgot that you are a Geek..I mean, I asked whether we can have a small talk now?
He: Whooz dat? haaaaaaa
Me: Bee Here
He: Listen. Am busy now. I cant be there now
He: Can we meet for Lunch?

He closed the phone and called someone... He thought that I didnt hear anything...
( He to someone: Hey you there.. look some girl has called me.. she wants me to be there with her now.. am asking her out... inform boss that i will not come back post lunch.. can You?
Someone: Pls chk for whom the call is. It could be a wrong number call)

Me: Oooops! Good God! I said my name is Bee.
He: Oh! You...Haaii.. Tell me
He: haaa... ( all this haaa is his yawn...)
Me: Remember the contest you won in my Blog?
He: Oh.. is it? fine.. what should I do now for dat?
( That was it.. I could'nt hear it any more from him....)
Me: Ho! Nothing.. You were busy when I called.. you just continue the job.. let me write the post...
He: Okai... bye.. haaaaa
Me: Bye