What I did... I mean after coming back to blogosphere - Part II

This post is dedicated to S4n705h... yeah.. its his stinging back, that made me write... well I practically did nothing after coming back.. err sorry if u had expected anything.. but I was thinking to be precise.. as to how to bring back visits to the page....

I never was a writer to have regulars here, but then this space was kind of fun.... Look at it.. 2 years or is it 3 yeas, am totally at a loss of flow...

But I was thinking of ways to increase traffic.. Do i smell a post here.. yeah guys... My next post would be about Ways to bring visit ... I never had people clicking the url, theres no point in saying to increase the traffic...

The post title would be "Ways to have Traffic"

What I did... I mean after coming back to blogosphere

Okay... the wait is over... If you don't know for what I was Waiting for.... does it really bother you? absolutely not. But this is my blog space since u have come here, u have to read it... No escape...

Well after coming back to blogosphere I am waiting for a roundabout of events.. Do u want to know why??? Just hook up for one more day.... pls

Do I have to say anything???

Planning to be Back

Can I start again? AS if anybody cares!!! But then, I am seriously contemplating to write again. What kept me at bay is, the change over from humor to serious writing.. it didnt come to me guys....

Seriously Politics - Yours truly, Politicians

The Cartoon below is the Cover for the latest Tamil Monthly Thuglak run by Mr.Cho. Ramaswamy... A Man know for his Satires.

If you are unable to understand or read Tamil, then here goes the Translation

MMS: Thanks. Thank you for saying that I would be the PM of INDIA, if we are elected again.

SG: Well, the doctors have advised complete rest for you after the Surgery and you cannot & should not do any work. That's why.


What Politics can do to Rahul Gandhi touted to be the Future Leader ....errrr.... PM of INDIA !!!!