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After a long time I blog with a very heavy heart. We’ve spoken about mainstream media robbing images and ideas and plagiarising from blogs. But this takes the cake. Mainstream media targets a single blogger for his opinion of their reporting. This considering not just the blogosphere but many senior print journalists, including Vir Sanghvi, condemned the coverage. But they don’t have the courage to take on a name like Vir Sanghvi. No sirree… Lets pick on the small guy instead.

And so they took umbrage at Mr C Kunte’s post and made him withdraw and apologise. It’s in the cache right now - I suggest we all talk about it. Copy it, keep it somewhere safe, where they can’t get to it and pull it out once in a while when we want to mourn the death of freedom of expression.

Chyetanya, you’re not alone. We’re with you. All the way.
As are:



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And there are many more links. Please trail back to MM's space to read more on this.

I strongly urge, request and beseech you to read each blogger because they’ve all made such varied and relevant points.

You could also fill up this simple form Aditya has created, telling it as it is.

Meanwhile Suraj here, said what I wanted to - that it was a sad Republic Day this year. On the one hand you had the violent moral police taking away your right to a beer at the pub. And on the other hand you had a big bully taking away your right to an opinion and freedom of speech.

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This not hr first time. read this to find out more
I have seriously hate this lady.